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TTB dog: meaning and characteristics

What is the cane TTB? What are its features? Perhaps you have heard this wording and are wondering what it means, we at Todocat tell you! This expression indicates a series of dog breeds that have a specific behavior with their fellows. Let’s find out everything there is to know. Meaning of the wording dog … Read more

six Pit bulls seized in pitiful condition (Video)

Of Ilenia Colombo Posted on 26/12/22 14:00 Six skeletal Pit Bulls with bedsores, forced to live in cramped stalls full of faeces and urine and without water: this is the nightmare scenario who found themselves in front of the Oipa ecozoophile guards. The poor animals were immediately seized by a amateur breeding in Brianza by … Read more

5 videos that will make you laugh out loud (Video)

Of Francesca Discipoli Posted on 25/04/21 18:25updated the 26/12/22 12:30 Si sa, i cats love boxes. They seem to appreciate the comfort and safety which they obtain from closed and protected spaces. Even a box that is too small in our eyes or that has a weird shape will not discourage absolutely a cat. Cat … Read more

What He Does For His Deaf And Blind Dog Will Warm Your Heart (Video)

Plum is a one year old miniature Australian Shepherd, born deaf and visually impaired. its owner, Aiden mana veterinary assistant of the Tennesseefrom USA already has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Great Dane cross, but decided to adopt Plum last summer. Plum belonged to a colleague of Aiden’s and when the young man met … Read more

what the vet says leaves you speechless

Rottweiler at the vet. © Facebook  @I Love Veterinary Medicine Of Grace Fontana Posted on 26/12/22 08:00 In 2018 Siobhan Valenski posted a case on the page I Love Veterinary Medicine which left no one indifferent. The owners of a Rottweiler dog were very worried about their pet because every day it became “whiterAfter examining … Read more

the 10 fluffiest cats (Photos)

Most cat breeds impress us with their fur, and long and semi-long haired cats are among the most endearing felines. However, not all long-haired cats are fluffy at the same time — so fluffy you can literally sink your hand into their fur. Depends on what? Discover our ranking of the 10 breeds of furry … Read more

Inmate bids heartbreaking goodbye to dog he raised in his cell (Video)

Of Francesca Discipoli Posted on 25/12/22 13:00 In the Department of Correction of the PennsylvaniaIn the United States, there is a special program that allows inmates to participate in the socialization and education of shelter dogs. It is a program that certainly makes a difference in the prison context and can change life of a … Read more