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Social anxiety in cats: behavioral disorders

Our pets never cease to amaze us. Cats are well known for their weird and bizarre behaviors and we love them for that too. But we masters are able to distinguish these attitudes from behavioral disorders, such as social anxiety in cats? Here’s what it is and how to calm the cat down. Social anxiety … Read more

Why do dogs eat grass?

Why do dogs eat grass? The dog is an omnivore. Even if its diet is (and must be) composed mostly of proteins of animal origin (that is, in nature, from the meat of its preys), there is also a percentage of food made up of different elements. These range from various detritus of biological origin … Read more

FIP in cats (Feline Infectious Peritonitis): what is it?

The Fip in the cat o feline infectious peritonitis (feline infectious peritonitis) is a very serious disease that affects younger cats. What are its symptoms? How is it treated? Can it be healed? Let’s find out together what causes FIP and everything you need to know to best care for a cat with peritonitis. What … Read more

days later, a “double” cat arrives!

Did man see double? © Twitter @James Felton Of Ilenia Colombo Posted on 01/12/22 16:00 Stanislav Zak he spent many sleepless nights after his black and white cat he disappeared long ago. Zak hoped and prayed that the little guy would come back. And then it did – or at least that’s what its owner … Read more

victim of poachers, the dog Sky does not give up on life

Sky is a free dog that has been roaming the neighborhoods and woods of the Sicilian island for several years Lipari. Very sweet, sensitive and good-natured, the dog has always lived peacefully in a group, loved by the residents and regularly fed by the volunteers, who also sterilized her. A few weeks ago, however, his … Read more

FIV in cats (feline HIV): symptoms and what to do

Feline HIV is a viral disease that can affect our cats. Also called feline AIDS or FIV in the catit is a very contagious viral infection for cats. But is it transmissible to humans? How is FIV transmitted between cats? What are its symptoms? How long does a fiv positive cat live? Let’s find out … Read more

in Ischia a small miracle after the landslide

Still searching in the rubble of Ischia. It is searched with molecular dogs. You search without stopping. Because there are 300 and more le people left homeless. Why the confirmed victims they are already 8 and must not increase. Because there mustn’t be other 21-day-old Giovangiuseppe among those who lost their lives, that life that … Read more

What to keep in mind in December if you have a dog?

L’Winter is coming! Many four-legged friends get along very well with the cold season and are happy with the beautiful sides that winter brings: walks and frolicking in the snow on the one hand and pleasant and cuddly evenings on the other. But that’s not the case for all dogs! That’s why we have prepared … Read more

Someone special waits for the priest in the church and the real miracle happens (Photo)

Don Nicola Ruggerioriginally from Quartu Sant’Elena (CA), is the parish priest of church of Santa Barbaraa Senorbi. Like every day, Don Nicola deals with the confessions of his parishioners. But on Saint Catherine’s day there was a different sinner waiting for him… What time are confirmations? Inside the church, in fact, a beautiful wet four-legged … Read more