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the most adorable photos with cats and dogs

Of Ilenia Colombo Posted on 02/10/22 20:00 On the occasion of the Grandparents Day which is celebrated on October 2nd, we offer you a selection of the sweetest photos of grandparents in the company of their beloved dogs and cats. Ready to soften? Browse the photo gallery: you will find the sweetest shots of Italian … Read more

This deaf dog communicates with his owner in a very special way (Video)

“Sit” and “Back”, some of the commands that BB executes very quickly. © Facebook @Bordernerd Of Flavia Chianese Posted on 02/10/22 13:00 Who said i deaf dogs can’t they communicate with their master like everyone else? It’s just a matter of training, seasoned with a little patience, dedication and the right advice. The owner of … Read more

4 things to avoid on the International Day of Nonviolence

Sometimes there are behaviors with the dog that are involuntarily aggressive and educate himself to aggression. Il 2nd October if you celebrate the International Day of Nonviolence and, on the occasion of this anniversary, we learn to communicate with our 4-legged friend, avoiding gestures and behaviors that may be over the top. The risk is … Read more

Crossbreeding Jack Russel and Pinscher: character and appearance

What do you get fromcrossing Jack Russell and Pinscher? The puppy’s appearance will vary, but it is certain that the result will be a veritable bomb of agility and audacity, all enclosed in a small size. Is known as From me-Jackfrom Miniature Pinscher (Pinscher Dwarf) x Jack Russell Terrier: let’s discover the appearance, temperament and … Read more

A cat guides a lost hiker in the Swiss mountains (Video)

A hiker who himself is lost in the mountains from Gimmelwald, Switzerland, wanted to tell about his incredible experience with a very special cat al social network Reddit. “I was checking my map to see how I could get back to the hostel, but the only way to get there was through a path that … Read more

the video that moved Facebook (Video)

In Spain the Galgos, or Spanish Greyhounds, are abandoned and let yourself die in the worst way by unscrupulous hunters, thrown into wells, tied to bridges and railway tracks. These dogs are considered working dogs and are therefore excluded from the Spanish legislation concerning the welfare and protection of pets. The Sevillian Association black greyhoundwhich … Read more

Let’s do some sport! The Golden Retriever makes everyone laugh! (Video)

The videos starring this Golden Retriever have become a true cult. No wonder, because when it appears Baileyfun is guaranteed. The furry four-legged dog has a lot of crazy and inventive ideas. Look this video which is entertaining millions of people around the world! Bailey wants to exercise too! At first the pictures don’t seem … Read more

6 good reasons to overcome false myths

They call her “Black dog syndrome“: It is scientifically proven that black dogs, for unjustified reasons and popular superstitions, are adopted less frequently than their peers with colored coats. A bit like it happens with cats. Here is that every October 1st occurs the International Black Dog Day to remind people how many good reasons … Read more

Luna, an 11-year-old girl with a special mission for dogs (Video)

We are a Beirut, in Lebanon, Middle East. And this is the story of Lunaan 11-year-old girl with a mission not quite common to all adolescents of her age. Her natural passion for dogs, especially those less fortunate, led her to commit herself to their protection and well-being. An innate passion for dogs Mirvat, his … Read more