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Eukanuba vs Royal canin: Everything you should know

Eukanuba vs Royal canin. Having an understanding of the different food types and varieties can help you decide which brand is best for your dog. Dogs are omnivores, meaning they eat a combination of fruits, vegetables, meat, and insects (or carrion). This makes it difficult to provide them with something that will meet all their … Read more

Freeze-Dried Mealworm for birds

If your bird doesn’t like the cooked version of the bug, then freeze-dried mealworm is a great alternative. It has all the nutrients that birds love in a form that’s less revolting for their owners. A common question among bird owners is what should their birds have for food. There are a lot of options, … Read more

Can a Puppy Eat Freeze-Dried Dog Food?

Many people wonder if a puppy can eat freeze-dried dog food, but the answer is yes. The freeze-dried dog food has a protein content higher than that of many human foods, so that’s one question answered! While most owners agree that dry food makes puppies healthier, others may be concerned with the risk of altering … Read more

Purple Sweet Potato porridge for Dogs

Purple sweet potato porridge is a favorite for many people outside of dogs. Fruits, vegetables, and legumes are traditionally used to get the nutrients needed by the human body. This article will be about what makes purple sweet potato better than the other fruit or vegetable. The dog’s digestive system is different from that of … Read more

Homemade dog food with pork

Even though natural is always a better option, you must try to ensure that your homemade dog food with pork contains some common ingredients which will help your pooch thrive and stay healthy. Different breeds of dogs require different ingredients in their diet. Here are the top ten ingredient suggestions you should consider when making … Read more

Brushing dogs’ teeth with coconut oil

Brushing dogs’ teeth with coconut oil is the best way to help prevent tartar build-up and is much healthier than commercial dog toothpaste. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties that effectively remove plaque and tartar from teeth, and it is easily accessible, inexpensive, and readily available. Here are a few simple steps on how to use … Read more

Getting Pet Insurance? Choose the Perfect Plan for it

In this article, we will discuss Getting Pet Insurance? and how to Choose the Perfect Plan for it. Life always comes with some uncertainty. It is impossible to anticipate what will happen in thefuture. No matter how vigilant and responsible you are, accidents do happen. When you bring a furry best friend home, it becomes … Read more