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Why is your cat vaccinated?

How do you show love to a purring pet? By buying the best food and interesting toys, spending time playing together and protecting against serious diseases. The latter is ensured by vaccinating cats – thanks to them, the feline immune system will be able to effectively fight against pathogens that attack it. In Poland, vaccinations … Read more

How long does a cat get pregnant? Everything about a pregnant cat

If your cat is not neutered and she freely goes outside, sooner or later you can expect pregnancy. It is also possible that one day a cat will come under your roof and you will suspect it of a different condition. In such cases, it is worth knowing what symptoms may indicate pregnancy and how … Read more

Kittens grow in two steps – todocat

THE KIT NEEDS FOOD ADAPTED TO HIS AGE Kittens grow fast, and by the age of 4 months they have reached 40% of the weight of an adult cat. From the age of 4 months, the kitten goes through a period of slower growth, which allows the body to strengthen. The bones become stronger, the … Read more

What does a cat want you to know about her? – todocat

What does a cat want? This is the most common question that anyone who has had or interacted with a cat has ever asked. In order to give an answer to this question, it is necessary to understand first of all the particularities of the species, respectively what are the reasons behind the behavior. In … Read more

10 dangers to protect your dog and cat this spring – todocat

While the arrival of spring means warmer weather and more time spent outside, for veterinarians it means an increase in cases and emergencies. From pollen to grills to ivy and bees, there are many dangers that dog and cat owners should be aware of in the spring: I. External parasites: Fleas and Ticks Before you … Read more


As the kitten’s growth rate is very fast, he must receive food adapted to the specific nutritional requirements of this delicate stage of his life. Proper food will contain ingredients with a high degree of digestibility that promote good absorption of nutrients, will support the strengthening of the immune system, will contribute to proper neuro-sensory … Read more


OLFACTORY SENSE, TASTE SENSE, TOUCH SENSE Cats perceive their environment differently than we humans do because of their distinct senses. They access the world in which they live based on their senses. The multitude of stimuli encountered and the way in which the cat’s senses are stimulated are a good indicator for her well-being. Discover … Read more

Relaxing music for a cat – what sound will your purr like?

Delicate sounds soothe troubled nerves and can relax you perfectly. Thanks to them you feel relaxed, but also your … purr! Find out how relaxing music for cats works and which they like best. Suffering music lovers Cats are not very famous for making pleasant sounds. Although their meows are cute, they can be annoying, … Read more

Snowshoe – meet the cat with white socks!

Snowshoe, or a kitten with “white socks” or “snow-white shoes” is known for numerous cat memes and is considered a true cat celebrity. Cats with a unique color from the United States are valued for their great character and great attachment to their owners. Snowshoe cat – a story about a cat almost like a … Read more

A gift for a cat for Christmas. We advise what to give the purr!

Christmas is a great opportunity to give your cat something nice. However, a cat gift for the holidays should be well thought out, both in terms of what your pet likes and what is safe for him. Check how to choose it! A successful Christmas gift for a cat is something that thousands of owners … Read more