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the 5 most adorable breeds (Photos)

Of Ilenia Colombo Posted on 04/12/22 20:00 There are over 340 dog breeds, each with its own personality, character and size. Today we present you the 5 little dogs cutest in the world, the best travel companions if you live in a small-sized apartment. Why choose a small dog? The size of a dog is … Read more

the dog’s reaction drives the internet crazy (Video)

Here is Bob, the now famous dog dad on the Web! © TikTok @von.jacob Of Francesca Discipoli Posted on 04/12/22 10:00 Bob is a beautiful German Shepherd with a thick black coat. He is so powerful that nothing seems to frighten him … He is the sympathetic protagonist of a video that truly captures his … Read more

the 5 most common breeds

We choose to have dogs in our lives for many reasons. However, some people with disabilities or certain medical conditions actually need the assistance of intelligent and loving animals to get through their daily routines. Of course, these special dogs with very important jobs are what we call “service dogs.” On the occasion of International … Read more

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Of Ilenia Colombo Posted on 02/12/22 16:30 Preserve your dog’s emotional state the natural way! Would you like your dog to be calmer? Thanks to a natural solution studied by veterinarians and nutritionists, helping your dog to give its best has never been easier! PURINA® PRO PLAN® RELAX+easy to administer supplement e Omega 3 compound … Read more