Is cereal-free food suitable for your dog or cat? – todocat

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How do dogs communicate and how can we respond to them? – todocat

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Management of Heart Disease in Dogs – todocat

Heart disease represents a series of diseases that impact the structure or functioning of the heart. Among the most common heart conditions in dogs are: arrhythmias, valvulopathies ( Degenerative mitral valve disease being among the most cited as frequency), cardiomyopathies (Ex. Dilative cardiomyopathy), Heart failure (eg congestion most often associated with chronic) etc. Risk factors … Read more

Pomeranianul – todocat

AN ADORABLE FAMILY DOG If you want a dog that is affectionate, devoted, intelligent and always full of life, the Pomeranian is the right choice for you! Like a fluffy little fox proudly carrying its bushy tail on its back, its sharp gaze and sharp ears will win the hearts of all onlookers. These dogs … Read more

How to choose the right dog food?

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Breed Profile – How to Create a Happy Home for Your Pet.

The Tornjak, also known as the Bosnian-Herzegovinian and Croatian Shepherd Dog, is an ancient breed of sheepdog from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. It was on the verge of extinction until some dedicated breed breeders revived it in the 1970s. The breed has been preserved, but the tornjak is still extremely rare. The Tornjak is … Read more

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Can dogs eat mochi?

Can dogs eat mochi? We all know that dogs cannot eat mochi because they have four stomachs. In fact, according to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), “Mo-Chi” may cause gas or bloating for your dog if eaten too quickly or left out of an airtight container overnight. Your dog … Read more