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Feeding dogs with liver problems: which one to choose?

Properly balancing all the ingredients becomes even more onerous in case of liver disorders in the dog. The ideal would be to choose a veterinary diet based on high quality pre-packaged foods (wet or crunchy), from the gastrointestinal line (or similar) which guarantee all the necessary nutrients in a specific and appetizing formulation. However, these … Read more

Dog eats Nutella®: what to do?

Who doesn’t love Nutella®? It is a common food in almost all families all over the world and is suitable for a tasty snack if accompanied by bread, croissants or other delicacies. Many pet owners want to share this delicacy with their four-legged friend. But what if the dog eats Nutella®? Like us, dogs are … Read more

Cat eats Nutella®: what happens?

Do you like eating hazelnut cream on a slice of bread and are you tempted to share this pleasure by offering Nutella® to your cat? If so, maybe you should stop for a moment and read these tips. You know what if your cat eats Nutella®? In this article, we will find out whether or … Read more

a dog has never reached this age before! (Video)

The oldest dog breaks all records! © Facebook @Guinness World Records Of Ilenia Colombo Posted on 03/02/23 15:00 Small dogs live longer than large ones, but the maximum life expectancy, depending on the breed, never actually exceeds 16 years. However, the dog we’re telling you about today has far exceeded this threshold, and it’s not … Read more

A new study explains how to know if your dog is at risk of cancer

Prevention is always important. © Lizardflms / Shutterstock Of Grace Fontana Posted on 03/02/23 14:00 Not only for humans, but also for animals cancer turns out to be the number one evil to fight to improve one’s life expectancy. The prevention turns out to be important for one diagnosis early. Here’s what California researchers found. … Read more

Things to know in February if you have a cat

Spring is upon us but in February the temperatures can still be very cold. In this article you will find all the tips to get through the winter season with your beloved four-legged friend. Do cats feel cold? Cats resist the cold better than us humans! This is thanks to their body temperature which is … Read more

the scene was viewed 3 million times (Video)

This beautiful scene took place on a summer day in 2021 in Central Park, New York. The person who watched and recorded the event posted it on the Internet – the video was viewed almost 3 million times! Do you play with me? A little boy is playing on the grass in a park when … Read more

Indestructible dog toys: which ones to choose?

Indestructible dog toys: dream or reality? As furbaby lovers know well, talking about toys that are truly destined to last for eternity is almost impossible because even extremely resistant toys tend, over time and above all with use, to have to be replaced due to wear. However, it is one thing to spend your days … Read more

Carpet for cats: which is the best?

Discovering the best cat mat. © Berna Namoglu / Shutterstock Of Anna Paola Bellini Posted on 15/03/22 18:00updated the 02/02/23 18:02 There are those who don’t like having litter grains between their paws, and those who only sleep on the radiator. Our felines are unique, and even a little fussy. The cat carpet it is … Read more