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Male and female dog in heat coexistence: what to do?

The coexistence male and female dog in heat undoubtedly represents a real difficulty for animal owners who, if they do not want a litter, will have to pay extreme attention given the – concrete – risk that the dogs mate, giving rise to an unwanted pregnancy. Although difficult, however, the coexistence of an uncastrated male … Read more

seeing how he comes back, the mistress collapses in pain (Video)

Tintin is a Border Collie from three years who lives in a small town near Segovia, in Spain. Given his youth, he is an energetic dog and enjoys walks in the countryside. What their humans never imagined is that one of those walks would turn into pain and suffering. The dog came out with his … Read more

When do puppies calm down?

A new friend to grow up has arrived in the house and his irrepressible joie de vivre invades every corner of the apartment. All this is very beautiful. A dog, especially if he enters the house from a young age, is a real hurricane that fills the day. But is there a time when this … Read more

2 hours later the unimaginable happens

From Francesca Discipoli Posted on 26/03/23 13:00 On February 28, 2023, a family of Minnesota (USA) has entrusted its two dogs to a boarding house for a two-hour trial before the big departure for the holidays. Unfortunately, nothing went as planned… George missing Two hours after leaving their dogs at the facility, their family went … Read more

it makes me angry to know how he got there

Here’s how the little dog was found. © Facebook @SOS Los Barrios Kennel From Francesca Discipoli Posted on 26/03/23 10:00 When it was found, the poor man Pitbull he was despondent, hardly able to move. He was tied to a fence and a bag of feed was next to him. But how did it get … Read more

Thor, the Bengal cat with spectacular eyes and fur (Photo)

From Ilenia Colombo Posted on 25/03/23 16:00 One thing is certain: living room tiger or leopard are nicknames that fit him perfectly! Slender, all polka dots and stripes, Thor the Bengal Cat can’t deny his wild ancestry. Thor, the Bengal Cat who conquered the web The handsome big cat has indeed conquered – without any … Read more

the video bewitches millions of people (Video)

They meet for the first time… what will happen next? © TikTok @leedogg From Francesca Discipoli Posted on 25/03/23 10:00 The arrival of a new pet at home it brings joy but also a little apprehension. In fact, many owners wonder how they will react dogs and/or cats present already in the family. It’s introduction … Read more