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5 things to discover and recognize

Il heat in the female dog it is a subject that is not particularly known and needs to be shed on, above all because in some cases the idea of ​​this situation can discourage a potential owner who will have to be better prepared on this pre-mating phase of the dogs. Having a dog involves … Read more

causes and remedies, home and otherwise

If your dog is constantly scratching, the cause could be the summer. Primavera e itching in dogsin fact, they go hand in hand: pollen, hay and other factors can create various nuisances for our four-legged friend, especially itching and allergic symptoms. Before figuring out how help the dog who is always scratchinghere are what are … Read more

Outdoor activities for dogs: 7 ideas

The beautiful, warm days are back: what could be better than spending more time in the company of your dog, having fun together outdoors? Let’s see together 7 dog outdoor activity to do together with Fido during the pleasant spring season. 1. Dog running and Bikejoring Playing sports with your dog is the perfect way … Read more

shocked, post the before and after

Here’s how it was before the dramatic restyling. © Twitter @REALBURTIIS From Ilenia Colombo Posted on 22/03/23 10:30 The owner of a cute little dog asked her nephew to take her four-legged friend to a professional groomer. A decision she soon regretted. The before and after photos speak for themselves! Dramatic new look Nothing could … Read more

Daylight Saving Time in Dogs: Are Animals Affected?

The transition to summer time is approaching (as well as the change of season). This change has consequences for us humans and also for our faithful four-legged friends. What are the consequences of the change from solar time on the habits of dogs? Today we try to understand what consequences thesummer time in the dog … Read more