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Freeze-Dried Mealworm for birds

If your bird doesn’t like the cooked version of the bug, then freeze-dried mealworm is a great alternative. It has all the nutrients that birds love in a form that’s less revolting for their owners. A common question among bird owners is what should their birds have for food. There are a lot of options, … Read more

Dog anatomy – skeletal system, internal organs, bite

The anatomy of a dog is an issue that is of primary interest to specialists – veterinarians, zootechnicians and cynologists. Meanwhile, basic information about the dog’s anatomy is also necessary for caregivers. If you have the appropriate knowledge, you have a chance to catch the symptoms of a potential disease quickly and early. Dog anatomy … Read more

Dogs that don’t shed hair – what breeds are they?

Before you begin your search for the right dog for you, you must understand that all dogs moult, but not all to the same degree. Some animals lose their hair only sporadically, shedding only a single dead hair. This reduces the need to clean at home, but it is often also associated with additional care. … Read more

Deer – what is worth knowing about this large animal?

The red deer is a well-known inhabitant of the European continent. In our country it can be found in practically all forest complexes. It is very easy to distinguish a female from a male, because the doe of a deer is devoid of the antlers characteristic of a bull. Should you be afraid of a … Read more

Bison – the American cousin of our bison

When the first Europeans came to North America, millions of buffalo lived on its vast prairies. In the 1990s, there were only about 20,000 of them left. The history of this giant mammal is full of human cruelty, but also a struggle to keep the species alive despite adversities. American bison – history For centuries, … Read more

Wagtail – what is worth knowing about this bird?

The little black and white bird is a common sight not only in Poland, but also in other parts of Europe. Gray Wagtail, because we are talking about it, has cousins ​​on almost all continents. Some of the behaviors of birds of this species are fascinating and really interesting, so it is definitely worth getting … Read more

Great white shark – meet the most famous sea predator

Steven Spielberg in “Jaws” showed the great white shark as the embodiment of evil. In this iconic film work, a man-eater shark is depicted, the sole purpose of which is to hunt humans and brutally murder. Shark scientists have been urging for years not to be swayed by such radical images. Bad press has led … Read more

Dog food subscription – prices, delivery and operation of the model

Subscription options have remained the domain of digital and telecommunications services for years. Now they are spreading to other areas of life. With box diets appreciated by consumers, the sale of subscription-based dog food was only a matter of time. The industry is constantly evolving with new proposals for customers. It is more than delivering … Read more

Brazilian Terrier – breed characteristics

The Brazilian Terrier is a small dog with a big heart. She loves movement and fun, especially jumping. It used to be a typical hunting dog. Today, however, it is used less and less during hunting. They are more often used in homes and apartments as a guard or companion dog. It is not a … Read more