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the truth about the relationship with the dog Fang

Robbie Coltranebest known for playing the role of Hagrid in the series of Harry Potter, died on Friday 14 October. Since then, fans and colleagues have celebrated and remembered the actor. Robbie has been described as a kind soula person who always took care of the people on set, either by listening to them in … Read more

How to deal with guide dogs? The official decalogue

Sometimes it underestimates itself the importance of guide dogsbut we must always remember that they are not animals like others, but specimens trained to help the blind to lead a life as normal as possible. For this reason, on the occasion of World Guide Dog Day, UICI, the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually … Read more

5 great pictures of the feline teddy bear!

British Shorthairs are among the most popular cat breeds in the world, as evidenced by the countless Instagram accounts dedicated to them by their owners and others. They exist in different coat colors and today we will focus on the variety of British Shorthair blueone of the most sought after. British Shorthair: some useful info … Read more

Black cats and dogs: why nobody wants them?

Numerous studies claim that black cats and dogs they are abandoned and killed because their owners, besides being superstitious, do not accept the color of their fur. But that is not all. In this article, we will explain in detail why some people do not want to adopt dark-haired animals. Black dogs and cats: the … Read more

turns and bursts into tears! (Video)

Of Francesca Discipoli Posted on 16/10/22 16:00 It’s a wonderful time when you can make the dream come true someone, especially when it comes to that of their children. This boy’s parents made sure he remembered this birthday of his for life! Happy birthday! The video posted on TikTok shows a smiling little boy as … Read more

Puppy rescued from basement sees sunlight for the first time (Video)

The little dog squints to protect them from the sun she has never seen before. © YouTube Of Francesca Discipoli Posted on 16/10/22 13:00 One of the dangers of farms is the use of dogs as simple tools, mares forced to give birth all the time. Some irresponsible breeders go so far as to … Read more

breaks everything and remains speechless (Video)

September 23, 2022 Ana Medina he had a scare he won’t easily forget due to a bizarre story he involved Monchis, his red and white cat as beautiful as it is curious. This young woman, who along with her neighbors is dedicated to rescue and protection of the cats in his neighborhood, he experienced one … Read more

the top 5 of the most beautiful puppies

Today we are dedicated to Pinscher doggiesanimals that are among the most adorable and appreciated dog breeds in the world. A very affectionate, devoted, sporty and courageous watchdog, the Pinscher will be the ideal companion if you are looking for a faithful pet that can also protect your home! Useful information on Pinscher dogs The … Read more

Golden Retriever Makes Everyone Laugh (Video)

Will Bailey notice the deception? © Youtube @Funny Dog Bailey Of Francesca Discipoli Posted on 15/10/22 16:00 Try to fool a dog hiding even with all the tricks, is, of course, a rather bold thought. In fact, how can you compete with his superfine flair? However, the owners of the Golden Retriever Bailey they are … Read more