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American Fuzzy Lop Breed – todocat Blog

General information: The history of the American Fuzzy Lop rabbits is interconnected with the history of the Holland Lop breed. When it first appeared, the Holland Lop rabbit was only available in full color, which prompted breeders to want to add some rhythm breaks to the color pattern. To do this, they crossed the Holland … Read more

Chinchilla, the adorable pet

Because the love of animals can wear various furs, today I decided to write about the little gray rodents, extremely curious and with a precious fur. Guess who it is? An important indication would be that these animals are increasingly found in people’s homes as adorable pets. Chinchilla, of course! Generalities. Chinchilla (chinchilla, chinchilla or … Read more

Palomino Rabbit Breed – todocat

General information: Palomino rabbit breed it is one with an interesting and even impressive history to a certain extent. Mark Young, a resident of Coulee Dam, Washington, has been raising rabbits for decades since 1910 at the Lone Pine Rabbit Farm. One of his greatest desires was to develop a new breed of rabbit. He … Read more

Dutch Rabbit Breed – todocat

General information: This breed is known to have originated in the Netherlands around 1850 or even later, where it was known at the time as the Hollander Rabbit. In 1864 it was taken to the United Kingdom, where it became very popular and from where it began to be exported to various parts of the … Read more

Polish Rabbit Breed – todocat

General information: There are several possible scenarios regarding the origin Polish rabbit breed. The red-eyed white rabbit variety was the first of the Polish rabbit varieties. They were originally from England and Germany, and certainly not from Poland. They have been mentioned in English literature since the 1860’s. In 1884, seventeen Polish rabbits were introduced … Read more

Silver Cream Rabbit Breed – todocat Blog

General information: history Creme d`Argent rabbits it stretches deep into antiquity. It is rare for a breed of rabbit to have such a history. However, like many other rabbits, it is not an original breed gene. This means that it appeared by crossing several breeds of rabbits, the Creme d’Argent breed not being the original … Read more

Silver Fox Rabbit Breed – todocat

General information: Silver Fox rabbit breed is the third breed of rabbit developed in the United States. It was created by Walter B Garland of Northern Canton, Ohio. The Silver Fox rabbit is truly a multi-purpose breed, bred for both meat and fur. The breed was recognized as the standard approved in 1952, under the … Read more

Dutch Dwarf Rabbit Breed – todocat

General information: Dutch dwarf rabbit breed is one of the most popular breeds in the world, and as the name suggests, is native to the Netherlands. These rabbits are significantly smaller than many other breeds of rabbits. Due to their small size, these rabbits are generally kept as pets or animals for profile shows. They … Read more

Fighting Pet Cancer – todocat

Cancer is one of the most terrible diseases in both humans and animals that affect the whole body. This term has grown, becoming such a used term and yet difficult to define in plain language. There is a lot of information about this disease, science constantly advancing, at the same time, being a very debated … Read more