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Panda cuirass – information about the species

The panda cuirass appears regularly in domestic tanks since the beginning of the 1970s. Currently, only captive born specimens can be purchased. The wild ones are almost inaccessible. Check what is worth knowing about these interesting fish. Kiryski panda – where do they occur? Fish of this species in their natural environment can be found … Read more

Bystrzyk – information about the species

Raptor fish are found in many home aquarium tanks. The ornamental rapids are the most popular, but there are many different species within this family. You shouldn’t have any problems finding a fish that suits your needs. Get to know her closer! Where is the rapids coming from? Bystrzyki come from South America. Their natural … Read more

Razbora Borneańska – information about the species

The Bornean razbora is a very popular species among lovers of so-called nanoaquaria, i.e. very small aquarium tanks. Boraras does not like the company of fish of a different species, but is a very shoal fish, which is recommended to be kept in large groups. Rasbora brigittae – where does it come from? Boraras comes … Read more

Akara – all information about the species

Akars are considered fish for very demanding aquarists who have space and knowledge at the same time. Their unquestionable advantage is intense coloration and beautiful colors. Akars have a fairly expressive disposition, as do most cichlids. They definitely should not be placed in the aquarium at random. We advise what you should know about these … Read more

Dwarf gourmand – species description

Dwarf rods are highly appreciated by aquarists who like intense and varied colors in their tanks. These little fish have been winning our hearts for several decades. However, if you think that a small body shows little needs, you are very wrong. Little gouramis are sensitive and demanding. Dwarf gourmand – origin Dwarf gourmand originates … Read more

Koi carp – get to know this species better

The koi carp is a distant cousin of our native carp. It is a beautiful ornamental fish that appears in ponds and ponds all over the world. It is colorful and very beautiful, which is why it is also becoming more and more popular in our country. After all, it is a delicate fish that … Read more

Ramirez’s cichlid – all about the species

If you are a fan of small but interestingly colored aquarium fish, it is very possible that the Ramireza Cichlid is the choice for you. The fish we will describe in the text naturally occur in Venezuela. They do not require a lot of experience from the aquarist, so they are eagerly chosen even by … Read more

Endler’s guppy – a beautiful fish from Venezuela

Endler’s guppy is a species often chosen by less experienced aquarists. This small fish does not need a very large tank, and ensuring its correct water parameters should not be difficult for you. How does the breeding of these fish look like? Can their reproduction be a problem? How to feed them? We answer these … Read more

Gurami – learn the secrets of these fish | Pets

The fish we will describe can be a real decoration of your aquarium. They come in very different varieties. Their requirements are not difficult to meet, so even very beginner aquarists will be able to cope with them perfectly. However, it must be remembered that gurami need a large and spacious tank. Why are these … Read more