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Male and female dog in heat coexistence: what to do?

The coexistence male and female dog in heat undoubtedly represents a real difficulty for animal owners who, if they do not want a litter, will have to pay extreme attention given the – concrete – risk that the dogs mate, giving rise to an unwanted pregnancy.

Although difficult, however, the coexistence of an uncastrated male dog and a female dog in heat is not completely impossible: here, therefore, is what to do (and what not to do) during the period of proestrus and estrus of the house dog and some useful advice to ensure a slightly more serene future in moments of life together.

What to do if the male dog and the female in heat live in the same house?

When the house dog reaches sexual maturity comes the period of proestrus and estrus. So how to do if the former puppy shares the domestic spaces with a whole male dog? Male and female dog in heat in the same house must be controlled with extreme attention and, in general, it is good that the two dogs of the house remain absolutely separate throughout the bitches’ estrus.

Right at this stage the female dog accepts the male and he, for his part, shows a lot of interest, so much so that it is difficult to manage a male dog that feels females in heat.

The suggestion, therefore, is to eliminate (although it may seem rather complicated from an organizational point of view) any possibility of meeting between the two dogs of the opposite sex by carefully organizing the spaces and to be separated for the duration of this period.

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The hours of solitude, therefore, must be spent with both in a place physically distant from the other and the walks must take place separately as well as meals, moments dedicated to play and parentheses used for pampering.

The ideal, however, if the goal is not to have puppies, would be to be able to “send the male four-legged friend on vacation elsewhere because – even if the two dogs are separated – a minimal distraction is enough for the encounter results in an unwanted pregnancy.

How to calm a male dog in the presence of a female dog in heat?

In the light of all that has been seen so far, it will be clear that to keep the animals at bay in a case of coexistence of male and female dogs in heat, the only possibility of real success will be given by the removal (or in any case by the clear separation) of the two specimens.

There are various trickmore or less useful, to try to camouflage the smell of the dog in heat such as, for example, that of putting menthol on the tip of the tail, hiding the smell from the more distant male dogs in case of walks.

If you don’t dream of breeding other animals, the most useful suggestion when you find yourself in cases where male and female dogs are in the same house is undoubtedly to think about sterilization.

There are, in fact, many concrete benefits to choosing sterilize a female dog because this simple operation will allow the house dog to no longer have difficulties living together with the male and – many studies on the subject always explain – it will also be able to protect her from risk of breast cancer.

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Male and female dog coexistence: what NOT to do?

There are therefore two solutions to avoid mating between two dogs raised together:

  1. it is forbidden to leave the two dogs of the house alone in the same place;
  2. don’t organize walks with both of you and all the moments shared even under the control of the most attentive master.

Given that the male dog feels the females in heat, since she sends out very strong olfactory signals which absolutely cannot go unnoticed in front of the nose of the male dog of the house, one cannot absolutely hope that – in this delicate phase – the two will be able to coexist without “accidents”.

Even the most educated male dogs, in fact, maintain a very strong instinct for which during the heat of the female dog, an entire male can only look for a mate.

In fact, managing a male dog that feels the females in heat is very difficult and – to avoid a relationship between the two – you have to be intransigent and always separate them in the most absolute way, really avoiding any kind of contact.