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it makes me angry to know how he got there


Here’s how the little dog was found.

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When it was found, the poor man Pitbull he was despondent, hardly able to move. He was tied to a fence and a bag of feed was next to him. But how did it get there?

“This is how they abandon their dog in front of the kennel door,” he explains SOS Kennel of Los Barrios, which is located in the Gibraltar area in the south of the Spain, in the publication shared on Facebook on February 2, 2023.

A story that has already received hundreds of comments and has been shared by more than 1,400 people.

Abandoned without any remorse

The kennel staff expresses all theirs anger for the situation experienced by the four-legged.

«Let’s put ourselves in this poor dog’s shoes: they take him out of the car and tie him to the gate and there he remains to watch as his master, without turning around, abandons him. With a lot of feed, of course».

Outrage from the web

Just look at the comments to the photos posted on the social network to perceive the indignation and anger of Internet users who become aware of this abandonment.

“What cruelty, what irresponsibility… Whoever did this will be able to sleep?” someone asks sadly.

“What pain he must have felt and will still feel for being tied there without knowing what he did to deserve such a thing,” someone else rightly adds.

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I dogs give too much to humans for the treatment they receive from many of them. As another person observed, “the human race does not deserve these wonderful creatures at all.”

Now we just have to hope that this poor little dog will soon find thelove of a true family and forget that sad past.

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