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A homeless puppy enters a military base and finds happiness

Life can change overnight. © Facebook @Paws of War Of Grace Fontana Posted on 30/09/22 17:00 The brave cub he never lost hope and always believed he would finally found a family loving. This belief led him to the gates of the base of the United States Navy. And that’s where he was noticed by … Read more

Royal sources reveal what the Corgi did to the Queen in her final hours

An important presence for the sovereign. © Instagram @buckinghampalaceroyal Of Ilenia Colombo Posted on 30/09/22 14:00 Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8 at the age of 96, was surrounded by her loved ones during her final days. And those loved ones included the last ones Corgi of the Queena lovely little couple called … Read more

Seniors and cats take care of each other: the initiative

The benefits apply to both! © Facebook @ Pima Animal Care Center Of Nina Segatori Posted on 11/02/19 14:29updated the 30/09/22 10:46 It is not new that animals make people’s lives more beautiful. In fact, it has been shown that living with cats is good and wellbeing infects people of all ageswhether they are children … Read more

James Middleton pays homage to Queen Elizabeth II with her new puppy

Kate Middleton’s brother is a great dog lover. © Instagram @jmidy Of Grace Fontana Posted on 30/09/22 08:00 James Middletonbrother of Princess Kate, wanted to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth II, who died on 8 September last. James has always been great dog loverjust like the last English sovereign, and for this very reason she … Read more

a dog is hiding on the mountain. Only a few can see it!

A dog is hiding on Monte Pellegrino (PA). © Todocat Of Grace Fontana Posted on 29/09/22 18:00 How much we like them riddles to find dogs or cats on photos! Generally cats are the naughty who like to hide, but in today’s game the protagonist is a cane and it’s all Made in Italy! We … Read more

because it hurts? What could happen?

Coffee is the favorite drink of Italians and the day cannot begin without its energizing aroma and flavor. But Fido doesn’t need it at all as much as we do: he wakes up and in a wag of his tail is ready, impatient to go out and smell the news of the neighborhood. Give coffee … Read more

the dramatic situation of animals in Florida (Video)

The latest updates on Hurricane Ian in Florida. © Facebook @Good Morning America – YouTube @WGN News Of Ilenia Colombo Posted on 29/09/22 11:57 L’Uruguayan Ian arrived on the west coast of Florida on Wednesday 28 in the afternoon as a powerful storm of category 4according to National Hurricane Center. Hitting the coast with strong … Read more

immediately afterwards he receives a text message

In theory we all know why a telephone number it is engraved on a dog tag. But, as a user’s story shows Redditit seems that not everyone has understood the concept. A girl named AvocadoDemonde shared with the web a strange story that happened to her. The news, reported by The Sunsplit the internet. Can … Read more

4 months later, he has a very bad awareness

Of Ilenia Colombo Posted on 29/09/22 08:00 A woman took to social media to share what happened to her beloved dog Emma. A strange story that happened a few years ago but is still debatable. There is something strange about Emma Emma is a cross between German Shepherd and Newfoundland. Her owners took her to … Read more