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male or female, the best!

Have you just adopted a Golden Retriever? Among the first things to do is choosing a name for your puppy so you can start educating and training him, establishing a bond of friendship and complicity. Not sure where to start? We are here to give you a hand! For you, we have compiled a list … Read more

The heartbreaking letter of a dog victim of a hit-and-run

Unfortunately, Doggo’s story is not an isolated case. © Facebook @Purpaws Of Grace Fontana Posted on 02/02/23 16:00 The story of Doggo comes from Philippinesbut it could be the story of any neighborhood dog who lives in our Italian cities. Dogs loved and cared for by everyone, except those who don’t care about animals, who … Read more

the heartbreaking story of Flavia (Photo)

Putignano (Bari). Today’s story is a mix of courage, willpower and infinite love for animals. We interviewed an animal rights activist who has been dealing with needy animals for many years and does everything to save as many lives as possible. Flavia, a life in defense of needy animals Flavia Capobianco she told us her … Read more

Here’s everything you need to know in February if you have a dog

Even if spring is getting closer and closer, in february it is still very cold. It’s best to be armed against all the imponderables to make it through the freezing season with your four-legged friend. Rain, snow and freezing wind, the cold season is not just about us humans. For some dogs the fur is … Read more

the feline’s reaction is unexpected (Video)

These two have a special bond! © Instagram @Ebeach_towel Of Ilenia Colombo Posted on 02/02/23 08:00 Have you ever noticed cats near stables and stables? The special bond between horse and cat alone is a good reason to discover today’s two protagonists. Rat hunters Those cats in riding stables and riding schools often head the … Read more

cures with natural and non-natural remedies

L’alopecia in the dog indicates an abnormal shedding of the animal’s hair and can affect all breeds and sexes at any stage of life. Considered one of the most common skin disorders among pets, alopecia involves total or partial hair loss. The types of canine alopecia There are two different types of alopecia: patchy alopecia; … Read more

Biologist sees a strange animal in a natural park. A new species?

Something special happened on January 8, 2022: Rainer Schultzil biologist of the Wadden Sea National Park in northern Germany made an incredible encounter. During his inspection tour in the park, while patrolling the area, he noticed unusual movement on the seashore, in the tall grass. An unidentified dark animal Schulz explains in an interview with … Read more

is it bad or can you eat it?

give the polenta for dogs it’s possible? There are hundreds of traditional Italian dishes which, traveling the boot from north to south, can be shared with our dogs. Sharing is certainly an act of benevolence and affection which, however, must be done with knowledge of the facts, especially when it comes to nutrition. Is polenta … Read more

by plane travel in Business Class! (Video)

When you have to face a long journey, you often wonder whether to take your four-legged friend with you or leave him with family members or in a boarding house for dogs. And there are those who wonder whether to put the dog in a carrier on the plane or let it fly comfortably in … Read more