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Thor, the Bengal cat with spectacular eyes and fur (Photo)


Ilenia Colombo

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One thing is certain: living room tiger or leopard are nicknames that fit him perfectly!

Slender, all polka dots and stripes, Thor the Bengal Cat can’t deny his wild ancestry.

Thor, the Bengal Cat who conquered the web

The handsome big cat has indeed conquered – without any difficulty – the hearts of several thousand Internet users thanks to his magnificent coat and his deep eyes, as well as his splendid personality.

A success that he owes in particular to his photos posted on the Instagram account dedicated to him, which counts today over 200,000 followers.

Curious and very talkative, the feline does not hesitate to meow at his owner Rani Cucicov and the other members of his family when he needs it, but reciprocates giving them so much love.

Thor is one of those felines that look right into your soul and beyond. Just look at his emerald green eyes that shine from his beautiful tabby cat fur!

The origins of the miniature leopard

Bengal originated in the 1960s when Jean S. Mill decided to crossing a domestic cat with a wild felineBengal leopard cat. When Mill presented one of his hybrids in a cat show to great acclaim. Bengal cats were officially recognized as a breed by TICA the following year.

Still having wildcat genes in their DNA, these specimens are very different from domestic cats as we know them. Bengals, in fact, love splash around in the waterare very vocal and playful, they can learn tricks and they even love to go on leash walks!

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