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Holiday house for dogs: pets accepted

Looking for one holiday home for dogs where to leave Fido in a situation of comfort, well-being and safety? Then you’re in the right place to discover all the secrets of correct planning for an unforgettable holiday together with your four-legged adventure companion!

Whether it’s the sea or the mountains, summer or winter, the choice of accommodation to share with Fido is a very delicate moment that can make our trip a disaster or the most beautiful ever!

Holiday home with dog: accommodation to share with Fido

A holiday home for dogs is a place to be interpreted and understood with the aim of simplifying our lives during the long-awaited holidays. It is not always so intuitive and obvious to book accommodation to share with your pets. Fortunately the realities pet friendly are increasingly present in the area thanks to the ever-growing increase in society’s sensitivity to pets.

Compared to the past it is certainly easier (also thanks to the use of the internet and dedicated platforms) to find the best solution for our pleasure trip. For example, look for one holiday home with enclosed garden for dog in Liguria? By typing it on the web you will certainly find something!

Holiday home with dogs: what to pay attention to?

When it comes to staying in a boarding house on holiday, attention is never too much, especially if we are in the high season … and with our dog! THE details to pay attention to when choosing an apartment, house or room to share with Fido are the following:

  • Understand if the structure is pet friendly;
  • Carefully read the booking terms and notice if an economic surplus will be necessary for the dog (usually yes and it is between 5 and 30 Euros depending on the size);
  • Understand if our dog will be able to stay only with us in the premises or if we have the possibility to leave him independently for a few hours a day;
  • Evaluate whether the service includes a meal service for Fido as well;
  • Evaluate whether the structure that hosts us foresees a collaboration with a veterinary doctor in the area in case of emergency;
  • Ask if they offer dog sitting services and at what hourly rate.
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Holiday homes with dog: code of conduct

We are often used to asking for guarantees, assistance and all possible and imaginable types of comfort…but let’s not forget to be respectful and polite to our hosts by making ourselves available to the facilities and services. In this regard it will be necessary to keep in mind the details that we must report to the hotelier to make the management of our dog as simple as possible.

Who better than us knows the joys and sorrows of their pet? For this reason it is useful to report some important details to the innkeeper/host of the holiday home for dogs that hosts us:

We always remember that our animals can behave in a completely different way in our absence and we must be conscientious in communicating behavioral disturbances that may endanger or embarrass operators in the sector.

Leave the dog at home for the holidays? No thank you!

Holiday homes for dogs are often an unattainable solution for the most diverse reasons. For example, if you decide to go on holiday on a motorbike or perhaps on a small boat, the only solution will be to leave Fido at home.

But how can you do it if you don’t have family or friends to leave your four-legged friend with? In those cases there is only one solution: find a boarding house for dogs. Although there are many, it is not always possible to find the right one on the first try as there are many requirements that must be met:

  • box dimensions;
  • Environmental hygiene;
  • Possibility of being able to move outdoors in a dignified space;
  • Personnel for ethological and food care;
  • Veterinary service in case of emergency;
  • Privacy of the environments;
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Depending on whether certain accommodation details are present or not, these real hotels for dogs can have very different prices: from a few tens of euros up to more than a hundred per day. Of course we will make a choice based on our budget or our needs.

In fact, there are boarding houses which, together with the accommodation, provide dog training services, physiotherapy treatment or real sports courses. The moment of the vacation can, in fact, be a good time to subject Fido to a full-time course.

Summing up, it is very difficult to find the best structure that can do for us, but the best solution in these cases is word of mouth: get advice from a friend who has already been there and you certainly won’t go wrong!