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If you do this to your dog, you are not a good owner!

Jump To Your Favourite

What to do when your four-legged friend does what he wants, but not what his owner would like? Most owners scold the dog in the hope that it will change his behavior.

A particularly common form of “fix” from landlords are the tugging on the leash, especially since it is still taught in dog training schools today. But of all things, this habit is to be banned at all costs!

Stop tugging on the leash!

What owners are often unaware of, not only leash shots they scare dogsbut they can also cause them lasting physical damage.

If you really love your furry friend, you should definitely give up on this technique.

But why does pulling the dog on the leash hurt Fido so much?

According to the German dog expert Martin RuetterWhen an owner pulls on their dog’s leash, it is one of the most important reasons for cervical spine damage or nerve damage in dogs.

In this regard, making a sharp jerk of the leash is considered responsible for neck and back pain, headaches, herniated discs, respiratory and eye problems and even dizziness.


Another point that is unfortunately completely underestimated is that dogs simply they do not understand that their humans’ tugging on the leash is a means of correction.

With the concept of “learning through pain”, at best they develop a fear of what they see as incomprehensible restraint.

The alleged successes are ultimately based only on the fact that the four-legged friend becomes too cautious and lives life “on tiptoe,” so to speak. A dog is much more likely to associate the pain they are feeling with another dog or person and react more aggressively the next time.

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The possible solutions

If this training technique is used even when the dog is wearing a very tight collar, the harmful effect is further intensified.

A well-fitting bib, on the other hand, is generally the better alternativeespecially if Fido tends to pull on the leash.