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The police discovery leaves local cat owners speechless

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Bedzin, Poland. A story to say the least absurd, that of a woman who has been stole a cat.

As reported by the local press, the case, so out of the ordinary, was then entrusted to a city councilor and to the authority.

“We know where it is”

The Będzin authorities immediately responded to the councilor’s appeal. The cat, which disappeared into thin air from the back of the garden, belonged to Mrs. Dominika:

“It had happened before, but this time it didn’t come back. So I decided to post an ad on Facebook to look for him, adding a photo of him ».

After some time, the woman received an anonymous message: «We know where your cat is» to which a photo of Tosia was attached with an address.

“I went there. I saw my cat standing on the windowsill, which he was scratching at the window. A woman and a man opened the door for me. We started arguing, I asked them to give me the animal back, but they didn’t want to hear about it. When we shouted like that, Tosiu escaped through the crack in the door and he threw himself into my hands», he told the local press.

Police intervention

After three days, however, the animal disappeared again, again by the couple. Ms. Dominika thus reported the theft to the authorities.

When police and veterinary inspection representatives arrived at the couple’s apartment, they were found to be holding 25 cats on 28 square meters and with only one litter box.

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“From what the police told me, there were also cats stolen from other owners. These people took all the cats they met on the street with them convinced, among other things, that they had done the right thing », concludes the woman.

The court will deal with the case.

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