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Spotted morph – information about the species

Platinum fish are very nice little freshwater fish that are perfect for inexperienced aquarists. They reproduce very quickly, are omnivorous and require a relatively small body of water. Spotted varicella is a species that comes in many color variants. Unfortunately, the propensity to reproduce quickly has made the population of petals in nature a bit … Read more

Mourners – small fish for beginners | Pets

Mourners are definitely better known as black tetras. Although they do not shimmer with colors like many other species, they are much appreciated by many experienced aquarists. However, these animals are also recommended for those who are just starting their adventure with this hobby. Before you buy such fish, it is worth knowing their requirements … Read more

Mosaic gurami – all about the species

If you are starting your adventure with aquaristics and you care about effective fish, mosaic gurami will be an excellent choice. They do not have high expectations and are quite gentle by nature. They will do best in tanks with a lot of vegetation and not too much light. What conditions should these fish live … Read more

Siamese algae – all about the species

Siamese algae eater – sometimes called Siamese armor – is a fish that requires a fairly large aquarium, but under the right conditions, you can enjoy its presence for a long time. These are fish that can live up to several years. Some believe that Gyrinocheilus aymonieri it is an aggressive fish. How is it … Read more

Mowers – fish. Allies of all aquarists

Lawn mowers are fish that many breeders keep in their aquarium. The reason is in their colloquial name. Mowers perfectly “mow” the aquarium, cleaning it of algae, even those that are often overlooked by other voracious species of animals. What else distinguishes mowers? These fish are highly appreciated by both aquarium amateurs and professionals. In … Read more

Molynesia – species, reproduction and care

Mollies are among the fish that are often seen in home aquariums. They are considered resistant animals as well as easy to care for and care for. Many also amaze with unusual colors. Do you know in what colors you can look for molynesia? What are their species? How to feed them and with what … Read more

Aquarium plant – types, planting and care

One of the essential elements of a fish tank are plants. Thanks to them, the aquarium takes on its character. The creatures that live in the water gain better shelter and comfort. Aquarium plants – tall, short and of various colors – are available in stores. How not to get lost in all this? Check … Read more

Blue armor – everything you need to know about it

Blue armor is a species that has a mysterious name, but surely everyone has heard of it. Algae eaters – because we are talking about them – are extremely popular fish and it is hardly surprising. As the name suggests, they eat algae. Thanks to this, they help to keep the aquarium in very good … Read more