Danio – popular fish for the hobbyist’s aquarium

Danio are a very popular species when it comes to Polish aquariums. Most of them, apart from zebrafish, are species that occur naturally in Asian countries. Danio found in Colombia has been imported there and is considered an invasive species. Is it difficult to breed zebrafish at home? What are the requirements of zebrafish? Check! … Read more

Kiryski – small bottom fish from South America

Kiryski live mainly in the waters of South America. They live in rivers, also large ones, but also small standing reservoirs, for example ponds or even backwaters. Various species are included in the Cuirass family, and some of them are still a problem for scientists to classify. Fish kept in aquariums rarely exceed 7-8 cm … Read more

Otoski – aquarium fish. Origin, needs, price

Among many aquarium fish, those that fight algae have a special place. Otoski is one of them. These small fish with an elongated body with a characteristic black stripe delight with their appearance. They have crowds of admirers all over the world, mainly aquarists who are delighted with their intensive work. Otoski – origin Fish … Read more

Aquariums for a fighter – shape, capacity, conditions

Siamese fighting fish tanks are a product often offered in aquarium stores. However, it is worth knowing that a standard tank will also work for this fish, as long as it meets specific requirements. These beautiful, but underestimated fish are a perfect decoration for a freshwater aquarium. Contrary to popular belief, they do not have … Read more

Cichlids – species, requirements, behavior, breeding

Cichlids are handsome fish of various sizes. They can be up to half a meter in length. They are distinctive in appearance and often aggressive. However, they can be an irreplaceable decoration of the tank. Find out how to select and breed them. Cichlids and their origin As fish, cichlids belong to the suborder of … Read more

Tails – for beginners, for aquariums and ponds

Fish and other aquatic animals need a suitable living environment. Green is essential to create it. Not all aquarium plants are equally easy to grow. The toll-ring is one of the few exceptions that not only does not have high requirements, but also works great in most tanks. How to plant a toll? What does … Read more

Fish pox – causes, symptoms, prevention, treatment

Fish pox is a disease that often occurs in neglected tanks, especially among novice aquarists who acquire fish from unreliable sources. It is caused by a parasite – spheres. Its name comes from the shape it takes in an aquarium, where it can sometimes be seen without magnification. Smallpox in aquarium fish is usually violent … Read more

Imperial tetra in the aquarium – appearance, requirements, breeding

Emperor tetras are small fish that present themselves most effectively in a larger group. They are perfect for freshwater aquariums with numerous casts and dense vegetation. They are often confused with other species of tetras, though wrongly. Check if the reproduction of imperial tetra is difficult and what conditions this species requires. Imperial tetra – … Read more

Diseases of aquarium fish and their treatment

Fish health problems can be the result of bacteria, virus, parasites, fungi, bad food, and even environmental factors. The most common diseases of aquarium fish include gas sickness, thrush, sepsis (also known as ascites) and oodinosis. If you have fish, you can use this article as a good guide. Many diseases of aquarium animals are … Read more

Piranhas – information about the species and its needs | Pets

Aquarium piranhas are bred by aquarists all over the world. The stories about their bloodthirsty tendencies can be treated with considerable distance. Nevertheless, you need to take appropriate precautions when work on the aquarium requires contact with the animal. Piranhas that are not hungry should pose no threat, but be careful. What does piranha look … Read more