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Amano shrimp in home breeding

The Amano Shrimp is named after the Japanese photographer who discovered the species. Will Amano be the right choice for you? With what animals can it live in harmony? Why should you keep your pet company? Check what conditions you have to provide for this shrimp if you want to join the group of its … Read more

Aggressive Aquarium Freshwater Fish

Many freshwater aquarium fish are good community players. However, those listed here can be very aggressive if they don’t provide the right environment. It is important to know which species need the upper hand before adding them to your aquarium. Here’s what type of aggressive behavior to look for and which fish are the main … Read more

Freshwater Aquarium Fish Compatibility

In designing your ideal freshwater aquarium, start with the species you would like to have. If you’ve ever dreamed of your ideal aquarium, take some time and list the species that you would most like to have. Now is the time to consider a few key points when mixing species together in an aquarium. before … Read more

15 Classic Goldfish Names

With the right tank, care, and attention, your goldfish can live well over ten years. You want to make sure you pick a name that you like because hopefully you will use it for a long time. If you’re struggling, we’ve put together a list of classic and a few left-hand fields with suggestions for … Read more

Anchor Worms in Freshwater Fish

Anchor worms (Lernaea spp.) are macroscopic parasites, meaning they can be seen with the naked eye. They are common in koi and goldfish, but are also found in many freshwater fish species. The “worm” part protruding into the water are actually the female reproductive structures. Treating these parasites can be challenging depending on your configuration … Read more

Emperor Angelfish: Species Profile – How to Create a Happy Home for Your Pet.

Expand this article properties origin Colors and markings Tank mates care Diet and feeding Sexual differences breed Further research Back to top The colorful emperor angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator) is a living addition to your saltwater aquarium. These aggressive fish love to graze on many invertebrates and take up a lot of space, but this impressive … Read more