Siamese algae – all about the species

Siamese algae eater – sometimes called Siamese armor – is a fish that requires a fairly large aquarium, but under the right conditions, you can enjoy its presence for a long time. These are fish that can live up to several years. Some believe that Gyrinocheilus aymonieri it is an aggressive fish. How is it really?

Siamese algae – occurrence

Siamese algae eaters come from Asia. In nature, they can be found primarily on the Indochina Peninsula, in countries such as:

  • Thailand;
  • Vietnam;
  • Laos;
  • Cambodia.

It is most common in flowing waters – rivers and mountain streams. It also often appears in lakes.

Gyrinocheilus aymonieri – appearance

The algae eaters of this species are divided into the following subgenera:

  • Siamese gold eater;
  • yellow Siamese algae;
  • wild Siamese algae eaten;
  • glonojad syjamski albino;
  • Pied Siamese algae eaten.

They are large fish that can reach a length of up to 25 centimeters. Their characteristic feature is their mouth, which is shaped like a suction cup. Thanks to it, the steel armor is able to scrape algae from flat surfaces.

A dark line interspersed with spots runs along the body of a young Siamese algae eater. Over time, the fish turns brownish yellow.

In this species, it is very difficult to distinguish male from female. Males are usually a bit slender. Over time, spherical protrusions appear around their mouths.

Siamese algae – aggressive and territorial

Are Siamese algae eaters really as aggressive as they say? They are definitely fish with a territorial disposition. They show aggressive behavior mainly towards other representatives of their species or similar fish.

Who can the Siamese algae eaten live with in an aquarium?

Experienced breeders recommend keeping Siamese algae either alone or in a larger group – about 6 pieces. In the case of the second option, you need to take care of a really large aquarium.

Gyrinocheilus aymonieri it usually lives in the lower parts of the reservoir. If you want to keep it in a social aquarium, you should opt for fish that prefer higher parts of the tank. Carp fish can be a good choice.

Avoid species with a flattened body – discus or angelfish. Siamese algae eaten may have a tendency to latch on to them, which endangers the life of these fish.

Gyrinocheilus aymonieri – requirements

If you want to have Siamese algae eaters, you must provide them with a large aquarium. This is very important – these are fish that are both large and territorial. The aquarium should be at least 120 centimeters long.

Remember that adults are very strong and can easily destroy small and delicate plants. Choose rather those with strong leaves. Water should be well oxygenated. The Siamese algae also likes strong currents. In order for the algae to flourish in sufficient numbers, more lighting is also needed.

Suitable water parameters are:

  • 23 to 28 degrees Celsius;
  • pH in the range of 6-8;
  • 2–20 degrees dGH hardness.

Inadequate parameters can lead to diseases of Siamese algae eaters – as is the case with all other fish. Take these conditions into account when selecting other fish species to live in your Siamese algae eaters aquarium!

Siamese algae – reproduction

Algae eaters are oviparous fish. In nature, they choose places such as large and flat roots or stones for spawning. They spawn on them, the eggs are small and transparent.

It is worth noting that the reproduction of Siamese algae eaters in aquariums is extremely difficult. Fry appear sporadically, and only in very large tanks, where adult, healthy and fully developed fish live, and the conditions are ideal. Siamese algae eaters found in stores come from farms where they are reproduced with the help of hormones administered to them.

Siamese algae eaten – nutrition

Algae are the basis of the Siamese armor diet. However, they should not be his only food. Be sure to diversify the diet of these fish with a well-balanced dry and frozen food.

Plant food depends on the amount of algae in the aquarium. If there are not enough of them, it will be necessary to diversify the diet of the algae eater with green plants such as spinach, zucchini or peas.. However, remember that too much of such food may cause the fish to give up cleaning the aquarium.

Siamese algae eater – summary

The Siamese algae is a very useful fish that can make aquarists a lot of fun. It even lives for a dozen or so years, but it needs a very large reservoir and it is rather impossible to reproduce the algae in captivity. The price of a Siamese algae eater ranges from 10 to 30 zlotys.