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External filter for the aquarium – what is worth knowing?

A good and powerful external aquarium filter is an equipment that must not be missing in any home aquarist’s tank. It is mainly thanks to him that the interior environment maintains the correct parameters. This, in turn, provides comfortable conditions for fish and plants. Find out what the external aquarium filter is for and what … Read more

Neonki – fish from South America. Requirements, types

Neonki are fish from the tetras family, common mainly in South America. Some neonatal species are also temporarily protected, usually during the spawning period. They are very popular fish for aquariums, both those run by beginners and more advanced, for example, the so-called black waters. Check the needs and requirements of neon fish. Neon signs … Read more

Freshwater aquarium – how and what to feed the fish?

Types of aquarium food In the wild, the diet of freshwater fish is very varied. They feed on phyto- and zooplankton, organisms living in and on the surface of the water, other fish, shrimps, algae, plants and detritus. A similar variety of food should be provided to them in aquariums. Practice shows that when buying … Read more

Mouthbugs – exotic fish with an unusual appearance

Mouthbang, often mistakenly referred to as a mermaid – this fish has fascinated scientists for many years. In most cases, mouthbugs are found only in a few places on the ground. Some species can only be found in one location. They are impressive and, by the way, a bit less aggressive than, for example, cichlids. … Read more

Barbells – shoal fish. Requirements, appearance, needs

Barbels belong to the carp family. They are freshwater fish, gregarious. This means that they need tanks with at least eight fish in them. The fish should be kept in sufficiently numerous shoals to maintain a mild character. Otherwise, especially when kept singly or in pairs, she may be aggressive. When she feels safe, she … Read more

Danio – popular fish for the hobbyist’s aquarium

Danio are a very popular species when it comes to Polish aquariums. Most of them, apart from zebrafish, are species that occur naturally in Asian countries. Danio found in Colombia has been imported there and is considered an invasive species. Is it difficult to breed zebrafish at home? What are the requirements of zebrafish? Check! … Read more

Kiryski – small bottom fish from South America

Kiryski live mainly in the waters of South America. They live in rivers, also large ones, but also small standing reservoirs, for example ponds or even backwaters. Various species are included in the Cuirass family, and some of them are still a problem for scientists to classify. Fish kept in aquariums rarely exceed 7-8 cm … Read more

Otoski – aquarium fish. Origin, needs, price

Among many aquarium fish, those that fight algae have a special place. Otoski is one of them. These small fish with an elongated body with a characteristic black stripe delight with their appearance. They have crowds of admirers all over the world, mainly aquarists who are delighted with their intensive work. Otoski – origin Fish … Read more