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Royal sources reveal what the Corgi did to the Queen in her final hours

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An important presence for the sovereign.

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Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8 at the age of 96, was surrounded by her loved ones during her final days.

And those loved ones included the last ones Corgi of the Queena lovely little couple called Sandy and Muick.

According to a royal family source, Sandy and Muick were never far from Her Majesty’s bedside. And they spent hours lying next to the sovereignoffering their love and care until his death.

Four-legged angels

ET Online he said, “Queen Elizabeth’s beloved Corgi were with her during her last hours in her room in Balmoral. They were there to comfort the Queen. ‘

And according to it animal psychologist Dr Roger Mugforddogs would have been a constant source of strength for the sovereign in the years preceding her sad demise:

“It was so beautiful that, in her last two years, the Queen has always had two little Corgi around her – said Dr. Mugford – Particularly when our life seems in decline and stressful, to be able to caress and be loved by a friend. of unconditional love, like a dog, is a great comfort “.

Sandy and Muick stole the hearts of the whole world when they were photographed sitting outside Windsor Castle and watching the funeral procession go by.

Such a sad sight. They seemed to know exactly what was going on.

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Dogs never disappoint

Sandy and Muick are now in the care of the Queen’s youngest son, the principe Andrew.

Dogs become attached to their family for better or for worse, they are there when we need them most and they never let us down.

For dogs, our happiness and comfort are more important than theirs. It’s just one of the many reasons they are such wonderful creatures.

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