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A homeless puppy enters a military base and finds happiness


Life can change overnight.

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The brave cub he never lost hope and always believed he would finally found a family loving. This belief led him to the gates of the base of the United States Navy. And that’s where he was noticed by one of the commanders.

“The commander of the United States Navy saw the little dog and immediately realized that the puppy wouldn’t have survived long by itself in such a dangerous environment. He knew he had to take care of the puppy, ”the association wrote Paws of War are Facebook.

Welcome Griffin

The man called the puppy “Griffin“and a moment later all the soldiers arrived to meet the newcomer. The commander, thus, took care of the puppy, creating an extremely strong bond. The dog he did not leave his savior not even for a second!

The commander decided to adopt the dog and take him home to Maryland. There, his wife and his children were waiting for him along with their new friend.

A story with a happy ending that warms the heart!

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