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Seniors and cats take care of each other: the initiative


The benefits apply to both!

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Nina Segatori

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It is not new that animals make people’s lives more beautiful. In fact, it has been shown that living with cats is good and wellbeing infects people of all ageswhether they are children or the elderly.

Indeed, if it is the latter there are even more benefits in sharing one’s life with an animal: it is the proof of this. a retirement home in Arizonawhere grannies and grandparents take care of the kittens of cats found on the street or living in shelters.

The initiative

In America, and precisely in Arizona, there is a retirement home where people are cared for newborn cats found abandoned in the street. The initiative was born from the idea of ​​creating a sort of special collaboration between an animal shelter and a center for the elderly, because the kittens that needed assistance were so many and so we were looking for a solution to get extra help.

Not by anyone, though, but by people who really were able to give love and have time to devote to animals. Nothing better, therefore, than the elderly, who gladly lent a hand.

The benefits of living with cats

The solution made everyone happy. The cats are in the loving hands of people who take care of them as if they were children to be raised and the elderly have found a wad of fur to take care of and a source of limitless pampering.

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Living with a cat has a lot of pros, especially in regards to the psychophysical health of those with an advanced age, who in cuddling a kitten finds serenity and feels less alone and still useful for someone. In addition, the cat’s fur releases oxytocin, which is thehappiness hormone that gives well-being and new energy.