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How to calm the cat in heat?

We often ask ourselves how to calm a cat in heat. As we know, Kitty is really difficult to manage in these months, given her mating instinct which leads her to perform strange actions in this phase, halfway between languid and furious.

Yet, in the presence of cats in this phase, it is good to know what to do to reassure them: certain attitudes, in fact, help the female cat to better live her period of looking for a partner, but they also improve the lives of people and other animals living under the same roof.

In this article, therefore, let’s see together how to calm the cat in heat, also making use of special products that are available prescribed by the vet and which can be prepared at home with the help of medicinal plants suitable for animals in this life cycle.

When does the cat go into heat?

Let’s start with an assumption: it has in fact been demonstrated that the heat periods of female cats are more frequent in the initial months of spring until the end of the summer months.

It is no coincidence: the period of heat in the cat is linked to the climate and the cycle of sunlight and, therefore, especially in this period, it is good to look after the cats to prevent unwanted mating with other cats.

What is the behavior of a cat that is in heat?

In fact, in this phase of sexual appetite, the female cat presents some precise symptoms: she gets agitated and, although she does not feel any kind of physical pain, she can be somewhat frustrated by our desire not to let her go out to mate and lead to term an instinct as primordial in animals as necessary.

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Its meow then attracts male cats, who also feel the call of its pheromones.

What to do to calm a cat in heat?

In the presence of these symptoms, therefore, making the cats feel all our affection and our complicity will alleviate the suffering (if we can call them that) of the female cat, making her experience the period of searching for her partner with as little anguish and sense of loneliness as possible .

In general, when she is in heat and has the typical symptoms, the first thing to do to approach her in this phase is to be us first calm and well disposed. After all, our decision not to mate her in recent months is dictated by total good faith!

During the heat we need prevention!

After understanding the symptoms of the cycle of these months, let’s now move on to action, understanding how to calm a cat in heat. As we mentioned before, the first thing to do is to prevent certain unsuitable animal behaviors, such as running away. As? Easy, just make sure you do do not leave doors or windows open as female cats will tend to run away to look for male cats.

On the other hand, as we have already pointed out, we will have to be more present and affectionate with the cat, because in this period she will need more attention: caressing her, lending us to her game searches, giving her the attention she seeks… All these things will help her in this transitional moment of her life.

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Calming the cat in heat with drugs?

To reduce the symptoms of the cat’s heat there are specific drugs that the vet can administer to the animals in this phase.

However, it must be known that although they may be the solution for a specific cycle, they are long-term can cause serious side effects which, under pathological conditions, can cause mammary tumors or infection of the uterus.

When the cat is in heat calm her down with grandma’s remedies!

Finally, it is possible to reassure your kitten by using the medical properties of certain herbs, which, as grandmothers have shown us, are also used in homeopathy to relax both humans and cats.

These include the great classics such as:

Can a cat in heat be spayed?

Of course, the best solution to prevent the cat from suffering is the sterilization: after the operation, in fact, the cats will no longer go into heat and, therefore, will not be able to reproduce: in this case, her owners will no longer have to worry about the symptoms she presents and understand if she is pregnant or not.

Why the sterilization? Let’s start by debunking a false myth, that is, the one that asserts that in order for cats to have a healthy life, they should give birth at least once.

In fact, this condition is not scientifically proven and, indeed, veterinarians recommend sterilizing the animals before the first heat, because with this intervention all its benefits are exploited, such as avoiding the appearance of mammary tumors.

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