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here is Bart, a white dog with a particular appearance (Photo)

Bart is a puppy of about 1 year, medium size contained, host of Shelter of the Abandoned Dog of the Favouritein Palermo.

Abandoned a few months ago, this beautiful all-white dog is looking for a home. Let’s get to know him better!

A particular dog

This little over a year old boy has two physical characteristics that don’t let him go unnoticed. Has a black-rimmed eye which makes it look bigger than the other and a little nose all in polka dots!

In addition to the particular aesthetic beauty, Bart has a wonderful character: lively and sociable, the four-legged loves being in the company of volunteers, running, playing ball.

Il trauma of abandonment it made him shy at first, but the puppy can be very sweet and playful as soon as he gets to know who is in front of him.

As if it were Bart himself speaking, the volunteers of the Dog League of Palermo they write:

“I’m not a few weeks old puppy, but I’m still very young, lively and sociable, please don’t make me old in here”, write the volunteers of the Dog League of Palermoas if it were Bart himself speaking.

«I need a nice family, perhaps as dynamic as I am, who, like any self-respecting young man, are full of life and desire to have new experiences. And you?! Do you want to become my official ball shooter?! Come and meet me and I’ll make you fall in love!».

How to adopt Bart?

Bart is at Shelter of the Abandoned Dog of the Favourite in Palermo and can be adopted in Sicily, Central and Northern Italy with pre and post foster checks.

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Handsome, young and sociable, surely Bart will have no difficulty in finding a family for life!

For more information, call 3516714834 or send an email to

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