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Can a Puppy Eat Freeze-Dried Dog Food?

Many people wonder if a puppy can eat freeze-dried dog food, but the answer is yes. The freeze-dried dog food has a protein content higher than that of many human foods, so that’s one question answered!

While most owners agree that dry food makes puppies healthier, others may be concerned with the risk of altering their dogs’ normal diet. Freeze-dried dog food gives your pet a complete meal in one package that includes all of the nutrients they need, while still giving them access to fresh water and their daily toy.

The main concern with freeze-dried dog food is diet balance. With any type of change to your dog’s routine, it can take time for them to adjust and get used to their new eating habits. But frozen dog food offers a way to ensure that your pet is eating the optimal diet for their particular breed, age, and activity level.

Freeze-dried dog food is a good option for dogs who are not picky eaters. However, there are still other things you need to know about your pup’s new diet:


What kind of Freeze-Dried Dog Food Can a Puppy Eat?

There are many different types of food available for purchase in dehydrated form. Let’s consider the most popular choices:

1) Chicken Recipe Formula Dry Dog Food – This is another type of dry dog food designed specifically for puppies and they will love it.

2) Salmon Recipe Formula Dry Dog Food – This is another type of dry dog food designed specifically for puppies and they will love it.

3) Dogs Choice Natural Grain Beef and Lamb Meal Premium Quality Dry Dog Food – This is another type of dry dog food designed specifically for puppies and they will love it.

4) Grain-Free Chicken Recipe Formula Dry Dog Food for Puppies – This is another type of dry dog food designed specifically for puppies and they will love it.

This list should help you see that there are several good choices from which you can choose your puppy’s new food. Now that you have a good idea of what to feed your puppy, it is time to think about transition.

The Best Dry Dog Foods For Puppies

When it comes to dry dog food, there are many different brands that you can buy for both puppies and adult dogs depending on their age. The most popular brands include Iams, Blue Buffalo, and Eukanuba but there are other good ones too. It is important to read the label when buying dog foods because they do have different formulas that are designed for specific ages.

Blue Buffalo has several different dry dog foods that you can buy from including Blue Wilderness and Blue Tongue but these have to be given to dogs who are 12 weeks of age or older. Eukanuba has a lot of different food for dogs like Eukanuba Dry, Eukanuba Puppy, Eukanuba Adult, and more but the only kind for pups is the Large Breed diet. Iams has a wide variety of foods that you can buy for your dog depending on their weight including AKC, the Sensitive Skin line, and Iams Proactive Health line.

There are also foods that you can buy from other “cheap” brands like Wellness which is made by a brand called Iams and they have several different kinds of dog food that you can buy depending on the size of your pup and the kind of food that they eat. Some brands even have foods made especially for small breed dogs.

There is also a brand called Taste of the Wild which makes natural dry dog food for dogs who are older than 18 weeks of age but younger than 4 years of age. This kind is specifically designed to help your pup grow up healthy because it has many extra ingredients in it that will give them extra nutrients instead of simply giving them grains.

The Best Dry Dog Food Your Dog Can Have

When it comes to dry dog food, there are many different kinds that you can buy for your dog. The most popular ones include Iams, Eukanuba, and Freshpet which are all quality brands that have many different kinds of foods for both puppies and adult dogs depending on their age.

For example, Iams has a variety of foods for puppies including Silver Edge, Scented Silver Edge, Scented Sensitive Skin, Chicken Soup, and others. Eukanuba has foods for dogs that are older than 1 year of age but not older than 12 weeks of age like Large Breed Adult, Large Breed Puppy, and Senior Plus and they also have foods made especially for small breed dogs.

Freshpet is another brand that is good because it has many different kinds of foods that you can buy depending on your dog’s age and weight. Their adult food is designed to be grown-up healthy and their puppy food is made especially for growing puppies who are 4 months of age or older. The Blue Buffalo dog food is made by a brand called Blue Buffalo and it is designed for dogs that are 12 weeks of age or older.

Your dog should also have dry foods that come in different containers, like kibble or treats, when they are younger than 4 months of age. Dry foods for small dogs include ones with a preservative called Xylitol because it does not change the flavor of the food but it can be harmful to their health over time if the amount of Xylitol in their diet increases too much so your pup should start getting plenty of different kinds of foods with other flavors as they get older.

The Best Freeze-Dried Dog Food

When choosing food for your puppy, consider your options and what you are looking for in a food that is best suited to your pet. Some owners choose to purchase freeze-dried dog food in large bags, with one bag lasting six months or more.

Others opt for an all-natural organic formula for their pets to eat or buy a small amount of freeze-dried dog food to add flavor and variety to their pet’s diet without making changes to how much they are feeding them.

With so many options to choose from, you can find the best freeze-dried dog food for your pet and enjoy knowing that they will be eating a diet that offers them complete nutrition and optimum health. To find the right food, you may even want to consult with your veterinarian and ask them what they recommend for your puppy.

Our best freeze-dried dog food is listed below

1)Natural Balance Freeze-Dried Dog Food:


Who would want to feed their puppy any other food? With pups growing at a rapid rate, they need all the nutrition that they can get. But where do you get a complete diet for your dog? This Natural Balance freeze-dried dog food is one of the best choices that you have. The freeze-dried formula contains Salmon, which is an excellent source of protein essential to growth and development.

Puppies that eat this brand have great appetites and are full of energy. Because it’s a natural formula, it is easily digestible and good for sensitive stomachs. It is also a great way for your pup to get the nutrients needed for optimal health.

2)Wellness Freeze-Dried Dog Food


A brand that is truly made to stand the test of time, Wellness freeze-dried dog food is an excellent choice for your pooch. They are made with a blend of vegetables and fruits, which supplies the vitamins and minerals that they need to thrive. They have an all-natural formula, which means they are a healthy choice for your pet’s meal.

It has natural ingredients like potatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots cooked in a unique blend that produces no artificial flavors or colors. While its dehydrated nature makes it great for pups with sensitive stomachs, you can also add water to your pet’s meal if you choose.

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3)Solid Gold Wolf Cub Crunch Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Your puppy will love the taste of Solid Gold Wolf Cub Crunch freeze-dried dog food. It is rich in essential nutrients like protein and vitamin E, which are essential to your puppy’s growth and development. This is a meal that they will enjoy eating and it has everything that they need to stay healthy.

The freeze-dried formula is rich in chicken broth, which enhances its flavor and makes it even more appealing to your canine companion. Your pet will be excited every time their bowl comes out because they know what they’re getting.

4)Field’s Freeze-Dried Dog Food


With Field’s freeze-dried dog food, your furry friend will be getting a meal loaded with nutrients. It is packed with calcium that is essential for bones and teeth, as well as essential minerals that are essential for their growth and development.

The freeze-dried formula also has a source of protein, which can help maintain their energy levels. The chicken broth in this formula ensures that your pet has everything they need to grow at an optimal rate and make them strong. This is the type of food that they will love to eat.

5)Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Another excellent formula for growing dogs is Orijen frozen dog food is made with 94% meat and fish. The formula uses natural sources, which makes it better for your puppy. It is rich in protein, which helps to maintain muscle mass and aids in growth. It also has natural fruits and vegetables, which help to ensure that your pet gets the proper vitamins and minerals they need. This is a meal that they are sure to enjoy eating every time and it contains all the nutrients that they require for optimal health, as well as a unique flavor that most canines find to be delicious.

6)Eagle Pack Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Made with 100% beef, it is a freeze-dried formula that is made with natural ingredients. It has a unique blend of chicken and fowl bouillon that gives it a rich, smoky flavor while also providing the nutrients needed to grow your pet. Your pup will love eating this dog food because of the taste and they will be happy to get their daily dose of chicken.

It also includes potatoes, which are great for energy and growth as well as carrots, which provide numerous health benefits. With this brand, you don’t have to worry about what ingredients are in it because everything is natural.

7)Nature’s Variety Instinct Freeze-Dried Dog Food

The Nature’s Variety Instinct freeze-dry dog food is made with chicken and beef as its primary ingredients, so your canine companion will be getting all the nutrients they need to help them grow and maintain a healthy weight. It also has rich sources of protein, which means that your pet will be happy eating it and will be able to maintain its energy levels throughout the day.

It is rich in fruits and vegetables, which provide the vitamins and minerals that they need to stay healthy. When you are looking for something out of the ordinary, look no further than this brand.

Health benefits of Freeze-Dried Dog Food for puppies

Many people think that it is best to only feed a dog natural, whole foods. Yet, others don’t understand why someone would give their dog anything other than kibble and chow. However, there are many reasons to consider freezing dry food for your pup.

1) Freeze-dried food gives pet owners more convenience than any other type of food on the market. Often dogs will eat raw or cooked meat but many times it doesn’t get eaten up before it’s inedible.

2) Freeze-dried makes sure that your pup is getting their protein even when you can’t find time to prepare the meal yourself – a great perk for those busy days!

3) Proteins that have been freeze dried are much more likely to be consumed than cooked proteins. The reason for this is that the foods are in such small pieces that dogs can eat them easily, even if they have dental problems.

4) Freeze-dried meats are cooked at low temperatures, so they retain all of their nutrients. Cooking raw foods above 118 degrees permanently destroys live enzymes and vitamins. Due to the low heat process, freeze-dried kibble can be stored for years without adding preservatives or losing nutritional value.

5) Freeze-drying keeps all the nutrients in their original form because of the way it’s made. Freezing, which is used in the case of cat food, and hydration methods (chilling) are not 100% effective.

health benefits of Freeze-Dried Dog Food

6) If your pup is doing a lot of exercises, it’s best to keep your pup on raw or cooked foods to help them maintain their energy level. But if you are always busy or don’t want to bother with fixing real foods, then freeze-dried food can be the perfect solution for your fur baby!

7) Freeze-dried dry food pups tend to stay lean because the very small pieces of meat keep the fat content down. Many raw and cooked foods like kibble have so much added fat that it can be difficult for pets to maintain a healthy weight.

8) Freeze-dried meats keep much longer than fresh meats. They also don’t have any problems with bacteria or parasites that can be introduced when the meat is used in your home’s refrigerator.

9) Freezing dry pet food is a much healthier option because it doesn’t contain any additives that can upset your pup’s stomach or cause them to gain weight.

10) If your dog is on a diet, then freeze-dried meats can be a very convenient way to get their protein and nutrients.

When and How Much Can my Puppy Eat?

Once your pup is comfortable with the idea of eating only this dog food, you can start offering it in a bowl. You should be careful to use the right amount of treats when transitioning your puppy’s diet because too much or too little can cause digestive problems later on in life as well as diarrhea.

When you transition your puppy, you should also be careful about what time of day you feed them. If they get used to eating at a particular time of day, they may expect food during other hours of the day and beg from you.

Should My Puppy Still Have Canned Food?

After your pup has stabilized on their new freeze-dried food, you should still give them canned puppy food every once in a while. This will allow them to get some extra liquids and nutrients that they may not be getting from the dry dog food alone.

Because the diet is so important for a dog’s health and well-being, you must feed your puppy the proper foods at all times. Freeze-dried dog food is a good choice if you wish to transition your puppy to a dry diet, but it is not the only option. The information presented above should help you ensure that you are feeding your pup the right kind of dog food.

What if My Puppy Is Hungry?

If your puppy wakes up hungry in the night or when it is not time for regular feeding, try giving them a small amount of bland mashed potatoes or applesauce. Do not give them any meat or chicken treats, just carbohydrates. Make sure that they are drinking plenty of water while they are transitioning to their new diet. This will keep your puppy hydrated until they get used to the new food.

How to Transition Your Puppy to Freeze-Dried Dog Food

  • Start by separating your pup from the dry food you are dispensing in the bowls.
  • Give them some of their regular dry dog food each day for about three days and gradually cut back.
  • You can also reward them with a small treat like a small piece of chicken or a few pieces of kibble every day if they are still eating by themselves.
  • After three days, do not give your pup any treats or dry food at all that is offered in any bowl, and walk away.
  • Now wait two more days without feeding them anything and try to make it through the entire night without feeding them anything.
  • Do not offer anything that you have fed to them, even if they beg. This will help them understand that the food they are being offered is just to be eaten and nothing more.
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What is the Best Transition Method for Your Puppy?

Some people choose to skip this step altogether. This can work well for dogs who are accustomed to eating dried food, but if your pup is used to canned food, you may want to transition them into eating freeze-dried dog food.

They must learn that the food they now eat will not be left out in bowls all day long so they can munch on it whenever they want. You must be able to control when they eat and give them only set amounts at each feeding time.

Why Is It Important to Transition My Puppy’s Diet?

There are several reasons why you must transition your puppy onto a new diet. Transitioning your pup into a dry dog food diet will allow them to get used to the new food and make sure that they are getting used to the foods that they are eating.

If you do not transition them, they could become ill because they will not be getting enough nutrients from their current diet. The other main reason that you should transition your pup onto dry dog food is that it will help them feel better.

If you are feeding them a bunch of wet food, they will not necessarily feel full and might gain weight. On the other hand, if you are feeding them dry dog food, they will be more likely to eat it because it tastes good to them.

When transitioning your puppy’s diet will allow them to eat better and make sure that they are getting all of their necessary nutrients. If you do not transition them rather than change their diet slowly over time, they might become sick because they do not get enough nutrition from their current diet. You should make sure that you are transitioning all dogs into a new diet slowly, not just puppies.

When to Transition Your Puppy Over to Dry Food

If you want your puppy to transition smoothly over to dry dog food, there are several things that you can do to make the process easier. Make sure that they finish their meal while they are still with their mother and then when they grow up and transition their diet, try not to make it a sudden change right away.

If you want them to transition well into dry food, make sure that you start as young as possible because it will be a lot easier for them at this point.

Also, If you want to know when to transition your puppy into a new diet, you should also consider whether they are eating wet food or dry food.

If your pup is a puppy, make sure that you keep an eye on the wet food that they get and make sure that it does not have any salty ingredients in it. This will help them transition into a new diet because they will be used to the taste of the dog food already.
image credit: Stuart miles.

How Much Can I Feed My Puppy?

When transitioning your puppy to a new diet, you should keep an eye on their daily intake. If they are getting too much food, you may have to cut back. If they seem like they are not getting enough food, try cutting back on the amount of food that you give them.

You also need to make sure that cooking with your puppy is fun for them so they will be more likely to eat good things. Start with cooking simple things like chicken and rice because they are not very exciting, but then gradually introduce more complicated dishes later on. You should also make sure that they are exposed to new foods and textures while transitioning their diet so they get used to the new things.

If you are wondering how to transition your puppy’s food, think of your pup as a young child. You should let them have some treats but you must cut back on what you give them as well as when you feed them. You should not feed them anything that you fed them in the morning or at other times of the day because this can make it seem like eating is something fun for them instead of a necessity for survival.

Transitioning to a dry dog food diet is not easy for your puppy but it is important to them. If you are worried about the transition, think of yourself as the parent and your puppy as the child. Keep feeding them meat while they are on dry food and you should be able to make it through the transition without any problems.

The Best Puppy Transition Foods By Age

If you want to give your puppy the best transition foods based on their age, there are several things that you will want to keep in mind. The first thing that you need to do is decide what your puppy’s age is when they are going to be starting a new diet. If they are between the ages of 0 and 18 weeks, you will want to feed them puppy kibble but if your dog is older than 18 weeks, it is probably a good idea for them to start transitioning over to a dry dog food diet.

There are many different foods that you can give your pup from when they are young as long as their weight matches up with their age.

1) Puppy weighs 5.6

If you have an 18-week-old puppy who weighs 5.6 pounds, it is a good idea to feed them kibbles that are meant for a 5.6-pound dog. There is also puppy food that is enhanced with proteins and this would be good for a growing puppy as well to help them grow up strong and healthy.

If you want your puppy to transition over to dry food, you will want to stick with foods that are made for pups who are older than 18 weeks of age but younger than 4 years of age. The reason that you do not want to give them treats made for adults is because they will not get the nutrients that they need and can even get sick from a lack of nutrition.

There are also different brands of dry puppy foods that you can feed your pup at different ages. The best brands are ones that are made by companies like Purina and Royal Canin. If you want to give your dog a second option, try looking into Nature’s Recipe or Evo instead of these two top brands because they are better options for your dog in general.

2) Puppy that weighs 2 pounds:

You should also consider what size your puppy is. If they weigh less than 2 pounds, you will want to stick with a small breed puppy food because that is what puppies need most of all to grow up strong and healthy. If they weigh between 2 and 4 pounds, you will want to switch them over to adult food because they will be getting too much protein.

3) Puppy that weighs 4-14 pounds:

If your pup is still growing but weighs 4 pounds to 14 pounds, you should consider giving them puppy food made for pups who weigh between 6 and 9 weeks of age. When your pup outgrows this food age range, you should consider switching them over to the adult food that is best for their weight because it will not be good for their bodies when they are too big for the food that you have chosen for them.

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4) Puppy that weighs 14 – 18 pounds:

If your pup weighs 14 pounds to 18 pounds, you can give them adult food that is meant for pups who are older than 1 year of age. If they weigh 18 pounds to 30 pounds, you should give them dog food that is meant for adult dogs but if they are over 30 pounds, you should consider giving them a super premium food instead because it will give them more nutrients and protein than other brands.

5) Puppy that weighs 30 pounds:

If your pup weighs more than 30 pounds, you should consider an all-natural food specifically made for dogs. This will give them extra nutrients and protein that their body needs for growth but it will be healthy for them overall.

There are also some foods that you can give your pup made by premium brands that have ingredients in them that do not damage the health of your dog because they will have these special ingredients in the foods made by these brands. These are not considered to be premium foods but they will still help to keep your pup healthy and in good condition.

Everything You Need to Know About Transitioning Your Puppy

Every puppy needs a stimulating environment and proper nutrition as well as exercise to get used to new experiences. One of the most important things you can do is to make sure your puppy has something nutritious in its diet. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure that they take their daily dose of vitamins and minerals supplements with their food.
  • Make sure that you do not throw out the food and water bowls once you have transitioned to dry dog food.
  • Also, Make sure that you are careful about what time of day you feed your puppy so they do not get used to eating every day. If they always get fed at a certain time, they may expect it to happen at other times and beg from you when it does not happen.
  • Make sure that your pup is eating plenty of water while transitioning to their new diet so they can better digest their food and feel full.

You should also be careful about what treats or snacks your puppy eats. If you want to transition your puppy to a completely dry diet, make sure that they do not get too many treats because it can create digestive problems in the future and diarrhea.

Why Your Puppy Should Learn to Eat Table Food by Age 2

By the time your pup turns 2 years old, they should be able to eat table food like chicken, rice, and other kid-friendly foods with no problem. When you are transitioning to dry dog food, this is the best time to do so because it allows your pup to get used to their new diet without getting sick.

Your puppy may be able to eat table food from 2 years old, depending on what weight they are at. If your dog is underweight, you should transition them slowly onto dry food and make sure that they are eating plenty of it.

If your puppy is overweight or obese, you should transition them over a longer period or into a lower-calorie diet. You should also make sure that you give them plenty of exercises daily so that they burn calories and lose weight.

When Can I Feed My Puppy Table Scraps?

You absolutely can feed your puppy table scraps but there are some things that you need to consider before doing so. First, watch what your children are eating. Some things might not be right for your pup. Second, watch your puppy when you feed them table scraps to make sure that they are not getting too much food or too many bites of the same thing.

You also need to make sure that you do not overfeed your puppy when you give them table scraps because this can lead to obesity and even get them sick because they are getting too much food at once. The best way to feed table scraps during transition is by giving small bits of meat here and there throughout the day so that they can get used to eating the food naturally instead of giving them piles of it all at once.

When Can I Start My Puppy on Table Scraps?

You should start to give your pup table scraps when they are old enough to eat solid foods. If you start them on table scraps too early, they might not be used to what is going into their system and it might make it tougher for them to transition over time.

You should not feed your pup table scraps if you are going through a transition over a couple of months because they will not be able to get used to the new food and will likely develop an aversion to eating it altogether.
image credit: Jonathan cole

When Can I Feed My Puppy Wet Food?

You should not feed your pup wet food when they are young because it can cause them to develop kidney stones, digestive issues, and other problems. If you start giving them wet food when they are older and transitioning over to a dry dog food diet, you should transition slowly or the results could be dangerous for your puppy. Remember that puppies are growing puppies and this process can be tough on their body.


The Best Puppy Food Brands

When it comes to buying puppy food and dry dog food, one of the best places to go is Purina. They have a wide variety of foods that you can buy for your pup depending on their age and what is best for them at that time. Their most popular brand is Purina Beyond, which is specifically designed for growing puppies and dogs who are transitioning over from a puppy kibble diet to a complete dry dog food diet.

Purina also has several other brands that you can buy as well like Royal Canin, Wellness, and Iams. Royal Canin is also a great brand that you can buy from because they have special formulas for different puppy ages. The Eukanuba brand is also a good one if you are looking for something that has an enhanced protein diet.

Royal Canin has several different dog food brands as well which include Sensitivity Control, Original Formulas, Gastrointestinal and Renal Care, Petits Biscuits, and Repashy. The Eukanuba brand only has two kinds of foods but they are meant for pups who are more than 1 year of age and they include the Large Breed Puppy Formula and the Small Breed Adult Complete Nutrition Diet.


Dogs are always going to need food, even if their food is specially made for them so you want to make sure that you get the best dog food for your dog. Doing some research and looking into the different brands will help you find something good for your pooch. Many brands make products specifically for puppies because they have special needs and puppy formulas will have special ingredients added to them to provide extra growth nutrients to help support their bodies in growing up healthy and strong.

When it comes to dry dog foods, there are also many different kinds of foods that you can purchase for your puppy as well because they do not normally eat the same kind of foods as regular dogs. If you don’t find something that your dog likes or if you have a food allergy for your dog, there are many kinds of dog treats and raw foods that you can give to your pup as well.