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Bologna, blind girl evicted from home: the reason is unacceptable


Camilla Di Pace, a 31-year-old blind person, cannot find a home.

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Camilla Di Pace she is a blind girl, a graduate from Dams and a communications operator, who lives in Bologna in a rented apartment.

The 31-year-old, originally from Latina, will have to leave the house where she lives in shared accommodation next September because the landlady will not renew her lease.

No dogs in the house

During the renewal of the lease, Camilla pointed out that from September her new guide dog will also be with her.

Unfortunately, the homeowners don’t want pets and so the girl immediately started looking for other accommodations, but only found locked doors. This is “because” of the presence of her Labrador.

“I felt discriminated against and even a little betrayed by Bologna, a city that adopted and pampered me,” Camilla confided. as he reports TGCOM24.

The visually impaired could soon decide to leave the capital of Emilia: «It’s absurd that I can’t find a space for me and my dog. Perhaps I will move to Padua, where I would like to try a career as a social worker, to work with NGOs », concludes the girl.

The importance of the guide dog

Indispensable for everyday life, a assistance dog is essential for a blind person like Camilla: «It’s a dog, it’s not a toy, I need it to live. In April I will take the exam with the Triveneta School of guide dogs ».

“They are making stories about the guide dog, I recognize this city less and less,” he vents on Facebook.

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We hope that Camilla will soon be able to find a dignified accommodation for her and her inseparable guide dog.

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