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The tender gesture of the owner of a shop for stray dogs in the city


It is also these gestures, however small, that make the world a better place!

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Every day, the dottor Cem Baykal he usually walks past the same furniture store a Istanbul to go to work.

And every time he passes, he is faced with a scene that goes straight to the heart.

A commendable gesture

The owner of the shopwhich sells household items such as bedding, sofas, curtains and mattresses, has a soft spot for stray animals of the neighborhood and decided to do something to help them.

What he thought of doing was putting one of his own mattresseswith a plastic cover over it, outside the store so that stray animals that pass by can have a comfortable place to rest.

Viral photos on Twitter

The tender gesture was immortalized by Cem Baykal and shared on social media.

“The furniture store not only cares about people’s healthy sleep, but also about street dogs. All mattresses that are not for sale are given to stray dogs. Dogs are not afraid and use them when they want to take a nap,” reads the description of the following Twitter post.

Thanks to this generous shop owner, stray dogs no longer have to settle for the cold concrete sidewalks of the Turkish city streets.

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