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What this man carries in his luggage sets off alarms throughout the airport (Photos)


An unusual check.

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When you have to take the plane there is always a minimum of pre-departure stress: are the documents there? Yes. Are the liquids less than 100ml? Yes the gatto I pulled it out of the suitcase? No! Wait, what?

How many times has it happened to all cat owners to find their cat in absurd places? And that’s just what happened to a New York boy who almost had a bad time.

Something to declare?

Last November 16th a boy had to take a flight from New York to Orlando with a stopover in Atlanta. Everything was going to be fine except his baggage has been blocked to the checks by the security agents of the TSA of the airport JFK.

The reason? A cat hides in his suitcase! The boy, taken aback, claimed that the cat belonged to someone else who lived in the same house as him and that he didn’t know how it ended up in his luggage.

A regular

In fact, the cat’s owner turned out to be a certain Alex Augustyniakthat are instagram he has published several stories in which he claims it is his big cat.

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Last November 22, he published a story in which the orange cat is seen intent on entering a suitcase: does the wolf lose its fur but not the vice?

But where are you going cat?© Instagram @alexaugustalex

Be that as it may, the important thing is that the cat is safe and sound at home and that it was just a bad scare for everyone. We don’t know how the cat could have reacted to the journey closed in the suitcase, but luckily the worst has now been averted.

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