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the outburst of the singer for the sad loss


Orietta Berti vents a very true.

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Eclectic artist and person with a big heart, Orietta Berti it is still an icon of the show today.

So much so that Alfonso Signorini wanted her as a columnist in the current edition of his reality show, the Big Brother VIP.

A sad loss for Berti

Orietta Berti has often shown herself to be a positive and enterprising woman, able to overcome even the most difficult moments.

Unfortunately, however, Berti has recently experienced a sad mourning, which she spoke about when she was a guest on Silvia Toffanin’s television program, very true.

«Shortly before the episode, Otello, our dog Corso, passed away. He was 8 years old, hadn’t been well for a few months. We gently put him to sleep and buried him in our garden», Orietta said with emotion.

He then concluded:

“The other animals, dogs and cats we have, have noticed his absence.”

Happy Othello bridge 🖤

A great pain that shows how much Orietta Berti loves animals.

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