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Today, November 24this celebrated in United States the Thanksgiving Day. Americans gather around festively laid tables to celebrate this important day together.

Lots of families they share this special meal with their pets, but not all four-legged friends are lucky enough to have a welcoming home. And this is what was asked Rocky Manfounder of Dog Bakerya company that produces delicious meals for dogs.

A Thanksgiving feast just for everyone

Celebrating Thanksgiving with his dog, Rocky thought about how many dogs in the world are not as lucky as yours and so he had a brilliant idea: why not let shelter dogs celebrate Thanksgiving too?

And this is where yours comes from Barksgivinga dinner specially created for dogs and which he and his team proposed in 2021 to the dogs of marleysmutts shelterwho for the first time were able to celebrate in the American tradition!

Everyone at the table!

Rocky and his team set the table to the nines complete with chairs for every dog ​​in the shelter to sit on. There are those who come from a sad past, those who have physical malformations and need help to eat, but with a dinner like this, happiness returns to their eyes.

Rocky made the buzz with his initiative but, in addition to an obvious publicity for his Dog Bakeryhis goal is also to show these dogs looking for a home to as many people as possible:

“When you look at Titan’s face, it’s easy to think of scars and fear and pain. But if you look closely enough, you see a forgiving, loving, and kind dog. And while this is his first Thanksgiving, now he knows it won’t be his last. And if enough people see it, surely someone will welcome it forever», explains Rocky illustrating his project.

His 2021 initiative paid off a huge success. We can’t wait to see this year’s one and hope that thanks to his good heart all the four legs of the shelter will soon find a home.

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