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the dramatic situation of animals in Florida (Video)


The latest updates on Hurricane Ian in Florida.

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L’Uruguayan Ian arrived on the west coast of Florida on Wednesday 28 in the afternoon as a powerful storm of category 4according to National Hurricane Center.

Hitting the coast with strong winds and dangerous storm surges, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had declared the state of emergency and the possible evacuation of over one million people.

Hurricane Ian: Pet owners and shelters prepare for the worst

As Hurricane Ian hits the Florida coast, cat and dog owners and animal rescuers are posting videos showing them while prepare for potential floods with the prospect of being trapped indoors or having to evacuate at any moment.

Along with local zoos announcing mass closures, there are also animal and citizen shelters with farms posting information on how they are protecting their animals to keep them safe from the storm.

The potential severe impact of the storm

With maximum winds exceeding 240 km / h, Hurricane Ian had almost reached the level of a Category 5 storm yesterday, with the potential to cause catastrophic damage to people and structures.

There are also some footage showing wonderful animal rescueslike this one below, where a guy didn’t hesitate to rescue a cat stuck above an air conditioner, while below it flows a real river in flood.

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Less and less dangerous weather conditions

Thankfully, the storm appears to be decreasing in intensity (it has been downgraded to category 2) and it will be further as it moves into central Florida.