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In theory we all know why a telephone number it is engraved on a dog tag. But, as a user’s story shows Redditit seems that not everyone has understood the concept.

A girl named AvocadoDemonde shared with the web a strange story that happened to her. The news, reported by The Sunsplit the internet.

Can I caress it?

While AvocadoDemonde was out making one walk with his beloved doga stranger asked her if she could stroking the animal. The girl agreed, after all, what was wrong with that?

After a while, he receives an SMS:

“Hi, I got your number from your dog’s collar. Thanks for letting me caress him. We should have a drink sometime 🙂 ».

The girl, still incredulous, decides not to reply to the message. But the sender doesn’t give up and she keeps writing:

“Why do you put your number on the dog’s collar if you don’t want people to text you? What is your problem?”.

Hmm … Ok Einstein, here we explain everything: the problem is that the phone number is usually placed on the pet’s collar, so that if necessary (for example when a stranger finds the lost dog), it is possible to quickly contact the owner of the four-legged friend.

Collars were certainly not invented for flirting!

The reaction on the web

The girl posted a screenshot of these messages on Reddit. Users were speechless! “I can’t believe there are really people with this mindset,” said one user. “The insinuation made is absurd,” says another.

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Another, however, states that it could be dangerous to write your contact on a dog’s collar:

“Some men memorize your address or phone number. If you have a bad feeling or if they stare at your dog’s collar for a little too long, walk away. ‘

And what do you think? Is it better to write your contacts on the dog’s collar or better not? Write it in a comment at the bottom of this article 👇