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Otoski – aquarium fish. Origin, needs, price

Among many aquarium fish, those that fight algae have a special place. Otoski is one of them. These small fish with an elongated body with a characteristic black stripe delight with their appearance. They have crowds of admirers all over the world, mainly aquarists who are delighted with their intensive work.

Otoski – origin

Fish otoski, from Latin Otocinclus Affinisis a South American fish. It lives in fresh, flowing waters, mainly in streams. Most often it is found in Brazil. Otoski are particularly popular in river basins in the Rio de Janeiro and Amazon regions. They often inhabit mountain streams.

Otoski – the appearance and behavior of fish

Otosek is a fish that often appears in reservoirs for a reason. Both her requirements, which we will talk about in a moment, and her behavior do not cause many problems. Here are some of the most important information about otoski.

What does otosek look like?

Fish of the Otocinclus family in captivity grow up to a maximum of 5 cm in length. They have an elongated, distinctive, bright body with a black belt running along its entire length. The mouth is directed downwards and has the form of a suction cup. These fish are slender, very graceful and pleasant to watch in motion. Otoski are long-lived and can live up to 5 years.

How does otosek behave?

Cheerful and friendly – that’s more or less the otosek. This fish is perfect for a multi-species aquarium, because it gets along well with other animals. However, it is important that their companions are not aggressive, as well as much larger than them. The popular cuirasses work perfectly well.

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Otoski are friendly fish. Usually they live in groups of several individuals. With too little litter of the hook for their number, they can behave territorially – especially males – but this does not mean they are fighting to death and life. Otoski are rather convenient, although very busy. They either comb the seabed or eat algae all day long.

Otoski – requirements and needs

Check what otos have needs when it comes to breeding them.

The size and type of the tank

The smallest social unit when it comes to otos is obviously a couple. This fish feels bad on its own, without a companion of the same species. In such a case, without any other stocking, an aquarium that does not exceed 30 liters is sufficient. However, otos are rarely kept in this way due to the fact that they are not particularly ornamental. For this reason, with a larger group, for example 8 individuals, the aquarium should have a capacity of up to 100 liters. The more fish of other species, the larger the tank should be.

As mentioned, otos can do well in multi-species aquariums. They need adequate space, but also a large number of plants and hiding places, especially located near the bottom and up to the half of the water level. Make sure that there is a cover on the aquarium, and at the same time the water surface is in motion and free from floating vegetation. Remember that otos also breathe atmospheric air, so they swim to the water surface and take in the air accumulated above it.

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You have to take into account that otosek is a benthic fish. Therefore, the underlay should be suitable. The gravel must not have sharp edges that could injure the body of the otoska.

Water parameters for otoska

Otoski like soft water the most, with an average pH of about 6.5. Their advantage is resistance to changing conditions, for example water temperature. They will be just as good at the level of 21 ° C as even six degrees warmer. The right level of water oxygenation is very important, as well as its regular water changes. This will prevent poisoning with nitrogen compounds resulting from the decomposition of ammonia.

Otoski – nutrition

Wondering what to feed the otos? These fish prefer food of plant origin. He eats food that sinks to the bottom, so it is better to give it, for example, in granules or tablets. Above all, however, this fish feeds on the remains of organic matter, as well as on mushrooms.

Otosek – reproduction

The breeding of otos is for a beginner aquarist rather a coincidence than the result of deliberate action. Otos are among fish that spawn in various hiding places and in plain sight throughout the aquarium. After a few days, young individuals hatch, very sensitive and often falling prey to other fish.

Fortunately, not a big problem if you want to have multiple otos in your aquarium. The price of these is really low and they are so popular that you will find them in most stores. You can also decide to buy it from a farm or from a respected aquarist in the area.

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Otos for algae – the perfect choice!

Otos are fish equipped with a sucker for a reason. Thanks to it and the spikes placed on it, they can effectively remove food from the walls of the aquarium or decorations. For this reason, many aquarists buy otos for algae. They will successfully help get rid of not too intense invasion of these aquatic organisms.
Otoski are small fish, often highly appreciated even by experienced aquarists. They help fight algae and look interesting. You already know what requirements otoski have and under what conditions they should live. Check if the otos are also suitable for your tank!