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James Middleton pays homage to Queen Elizabeth II with her new puppy

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Kate Middleton’s brother is a great dog lover.

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James Middletonbrother of Princess Kate, wanted to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth II, who died on 8 September last.

James has always been great dog loverjust like the last English sovereign, and for this very reason she made this decision.

A memory of Elizabeth’s father

Kate Middleton’s younger brother, Princess of Wales, revealed to the site Hello! to have given a name to one of his puppies of Golden Retriever in honor of the English royalty.

“In light of recent events, I wanted a name that resembled the late Queen.”

So the breeder decided to call one of his puppies “Bertie“, nickname that King George VI, father of Elizabeth II, had given to his daughter.

Future guide dog

A great destiny awaits Bertie, who has recently joined a dog center in England. The puppy will be trained to support a person blind day to day:

“It was amazing how the Queen devoted her life to serving the people and, in her own way, the dog Bertie will also devote her life to service,” explained James.

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