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Gurami – learn the secrets of these fish | Pets

The fish we will describe can be a real decoration of your aquarium. They come in very different varieties. Their requirements are not difficult to meet, so even very beginner aquarists will be able to cope with them perfectly. However, it must be remembered that gurami need a large and spacious tank. Why are these beautiful and varied fish gaining more and more fans around the world? What else do you need to provide for them to have the best possible conditions? What color variations can you choose from? We answer these questions now!

Gurami – the most important information

Gurami come from Asia and live in natural conditions there. They live in very different reservoirs and sometimes even appear in rice fields. In the process of evolution, these fish developed a specialized organ called the labyrinth. It also allows oxygen to be taken from the outside air.

The size of these fish varies depending on the variety. Most of them grow to approximately 15 centimeters. However, giant gourami can reach a size of up to 60 centimeters.

Gourami fish – the most important requirements

The most important criterion that must be met by an aquarist who wants to breed such animals is the appropriate size of the aquarium. These are big fish that need space to swim. How big should it be? Here are the requirements:

  • a tank 100 to 120 centimeters long for most varieties;
  • an aquarium at least 200 cm long for giant gourami.

What kind of water do gourami like?

These fish prefer stagnant waters in nature. This is why the aquarium does not need to be strongly aerated. However, proper filtration is necessary. Choose strong filters with many types of cartridges. It is especially important to get rid of nitrogen compounds from the water.

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All guramis are very fond of warm water. The optimal temperature is from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, therefore the aquarium should have a heater with a thermostat turned on. Choose a good quality one, as it will have to be on practically all the time.

Plants and aquarium water parameters for gourami

It is worth planting the aquarium with plants, but it is advisable to keep free space in the front part. The type of ground does not matter, but fish of this species look best on dark gravel.

The parameters of ideal water for gourami are:

  • temperature – from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius;
  • pH – from 5.5 to 8;
  • hardness – 2 to 20 German degrees.

Also remember about regular water changes. In the case of gurami, it is recommended to change about 20% even once a week! The water should, of course, be left standing so that the chlorine can be neutralized

What kind of fish can gourami live with?

These fish will do best in a spacious species aquarium. However, you can also keep them in a social aquarium. However, the cast needs to be carefully considered.

Large cichlids are unlikely to perform well in this configuration as they can be aggressive towards gourami. It is best to bet on a small shoal of fish that stay close to the bottom. For example, kiryski or loaches will work well. Of course, the substrate then has to be adjusted to their needs.

Gourami fish – species

The described species comes in many varieties, which differ from each other in appearance, and often also in disposition. Are you looking for a two-spot gourami or a marbled gourami? You have even more choice. For example, you can choose to:

  • gurami mozaikowe;
  • golden gourami;
  • marbled gourami;
  • gourami dwuplamiste;
  • giant gourami;
  • syjamskie gourami;
  • kissing gurami.
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Gurami – food

Feeding shouldn’t be a problem for you. These fish respond very well to almost any dried fish food. However, they prefer live food anyway. You can successfully give them:

  • mosquito larvae;
  • bloodworms;
  • tubes.

Unfortunately, you also have to take into account the fact that some gourami species can diversify their menu with smaller aquarium inhabitants.

Gurami – reproduction

The reproduction of this species of fish in home aquariums is considered quite difficult. How does it look like?

  1. There should be at least three females per one male in the breeding box.
  2. The male builds a nest from his saliva.
  3. The female can lay up to 3,000 eggs at a time!
  4. The way of caring for eggs and fry varies greatly from species to species. Kissing guramis completely abandon their roe, while mosaic gourami take care of it. In the case of giant gurami, the male takes full care of it.
  5. If you are successful and the fry appear in the aquarium, be sure to separate them from the adult fish. Otherwise, it can be eaten.

Gurami – summary

Gurami is a very diverse group of fish, which consists of many species of different colors, size and habits. Regardless of the variety, these animals are highly appreciated by aquarists. They need a large tank with sufficiently warm water. It is worth providing them with optimal conditions in the aquarium, because they can be its most effective decoration.