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Endler’s guppy – a beautiful fish from Venezuela

Endler’s guppy is a species often chosen by less experienced aquarists. This small fish does not need a very large tank, and ensuring its correct water parameters should not be difficult for you. How does the breeding of these fish look like? Can their reproduction be a problem? How to feed them? We answer these questions in the text. We invite you to read!

Endler’s guppy – occurrence and characteristics

This species is native to South America, more specifically Venezuela. It can be found in the lagoons of Buena Vista and Camporna.

The sexual dimorphism is pronounced, which makes it easy to distinguish Endler’s guppies:

  • the female is slightly larger than the male and more modestly colored. It can also be recognized by its transparent fins;
  • the male, on the other hand, has orange and black spots on the basic silver-olive colors.

Endler’s guppies are tiny fish whose body length does not exceed 3 centimeters. In males, a distinct gonopodium, or copulatory organ, can be seen.

Endler’s Guppy – color varieties

The guppies in question come in very different color varieties. The stains on the body of the fish are primarily diverse. You can meet a variety of colors:

  • red;
  • purple;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • black;
  • yellow;
  • orange.

A unique variety is Endler’s guppy albino. Such fish have a completely white body, on which spots of very different colors appear. It is an artificially created form that does not occur in nature. A popular variety is Endler’s Tiger / Cobra Yellow guppy. The very term guppy (tiger) can say a lot about its appearance.

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Endler’s Guppy – disposition

Endler’s guppy looks original, but is not a particularly popular species. Most often in aquarium stores you can find crosswords with a peacock’s eye guppy. Many people, however, persistently look for these fish due to their unique beauty.

The nature of Endler’s guppies

In breeding, they are very peaceful fish that do not cause problems for their neighbors. However, in some cases (especially in spotting) males may have difficulty prioritizing within the herd. In such situations, fights may occur.

Endler’s Guppy is a shoal fish that feels best in a herd. At least six individuals should live in an aquarium. There should be three females per male.

Endler’s Guppy – what aquarium does he need?

Here are some tank tips for this species.

  1. This very small fish is famous for its high activity. So it’s better not to keep it in a too tight aquarium. There should be a minimum of 30 liters of net water per one male and three females.
  2. Guppies do best in an aquarium with many plants that serve as their hiding place.
  3. The ideal water temperature should be between 24 and 27 degrees Celsius. Endler’s guppies can live in warmer water and then grow up faster. Remember that it also shortens their life span.
  4. Guppies find themselves in very different conditions. Medium hard water with a neutral pH will be optimal for them.

What kind of fish can Endler’s guppies live with?

Endler’s guppy will feel best in a species aquarium. You can keep it in social aquariums as well, but you’ll need to choose your cast carefully. Avoid fish that tend to nibble at other fins. In the role of neighbors, however, they will work well:

  • gladioli;
  • armors;
  • prawns;
  • cuirass;
  • rainbow rainbow;
  • some types of tetr.
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Endler’s Guppy – What should it eat?

What to feed Endler guppies? They are omnivorous fish by nature and need to be given the most varied food possible. Good-quality dry food in the form of flakes or granules will work well. Diversify your diet with various types of frozen or live food. Perfect for:

  • mosquito larvae;
  • small molluscs;
  • tiny spiders.

All guppies have a very fast metabolism. It’s best to feed them more often, but in slightly smaller portions. It takes them no more than 45 minutes to digest the food.

Endler’s guppy – reproduction

Endler’s guppy is a fish that reproduces very easily, but nevertheless the fry are not particularly numerous. What is the reason for this? In nature, guppies eat their roe and just the fry. They will not despise the “prey” that come from other fish. If you are planning to breed them, a breeding farm may be necessary.

Endler’s guppies and insects

In the wild, Endler’s guppies hunt mosquitoes. They are very effective in this, which is why many people use tanks with these fish to reduce the population of unwanted insects a bit in the summer. Unfortunately, these fish also tend to jump out of the aquarium. Provide them with a stable cover for the tank that will prevent this.

Endler’s Guppy – summary

Endler’s Guppy is a very pretty fish that comes in a wide variety of colors. It does not have too high requirements, so it is often chosen by less experienced aquarists. It reproduces spontaneously and fairly easily, but has a tendency to eat its fry. If you want to breed guppies, you will need a separate aquarium tank to separate the little ones from their voracious parents.

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