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Cat bed – which cat bed to choose?

Choosing a cat bed seems quite simple. Meanwhile, as one of the resources, it can significantly improve your pet’s quality of life. A wrong or ill-considered choice at best will throw your money down the drain. At worst, it will lead to conflicts between cats. Observe your pet’s habits when looking for a suitable bedding. This will allow you to choose the appropriate cat lairs.

Cat bed – is it needed?

Most internet users associate videos with cats that avoid newly purchased bedding and go straight to the previously unpacked carton. It is undoubtedly a funny picture, but it raises a serious question in the caregivers – is it worth buying a cat’s bed at all?

Cat bed - is it needed?

Cats are animals that sleep a lot of their lives. They easily find the places where they feel most comfortable and so they give in to a nap. These are sofas, armchairs, beds, window sills or the already mentioned cardboard boxes. However, this does not mean that they do not need a separate sleeping place.

A suitable cat bed will be a great alternative to places used by people on a daily basis. The lair should be comfortable and convenient to use, but its location is key. It is best to place them where the cat likes to spend time on a daily basis. Then the chance that the pet will use its new furniture is much greater.

Sleeping for a cat – what do we have to choose from?

Cat bed - what do we have to choose from?

There are many cat beds on the market today in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Seemingly, it is not difficult to choose the right model. But how do you know which one is right for your cat? Let’s take a look at the options available.

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Simple pillows and mattresses

This is perhaps the most basic and common cat bedding. They can be of different shapes, colors and sizes. They are usually flat, filled with synthetic fiber and enclosed in various covers, which are usually removable and easy to wash. This type of solution is good for a cat who likes to lie on sofas and whose owners are not happy with the enormous amount of hair on the upholstery. This type of cat bedding is so universal that it can be successfully placed almost anywhere the cat likes to sleep.

Lairs for the radiator

Cats love heaters and often spend winter evenings basking on them. If you notice that your cat often spends time in this place, treat it to a specially made lair. Currently, manufacturers offer this type of solutions more and more often. They are in the form of hammocks, but they can also be stiffened. Special hooks are attached to the radiator, so the beds are stable and comfortable. Their assembly is not invasive and can be removed at any time.

Lairs on the shelves

The well-known American behaviorist, Jackson Galaxy, has been promoting the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcatification for years. Behind this mysterious term is the adaptation of rooms to the cat’s lifestyle. House purrs are definitely not terrestrial animals, which is why Galaxy proposes a cat highway project, i.e. the arrangement of shelves on the walls that form the path on which the cat can safely move. A perfect element are the lairs on the shelves, which you can buy from many producers – both craft and more mass-produced. This type of lair is screwed to the wall in a place where the cat can easily get into. Stable and safe, it allows you to patrol the entire area. Cats use it very willingly.

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Cat bed - on the shelves

Soft sheds and wicker houses

Booths made of soft material, various types of houses, semicircular wicker baskets or – in a more designer version – charming teepee. All these solutions are intended to give the cat a space to hide. A quiet and comfortable place to sleep in which the pet feels isolated from the world is a good solution for those kittens who like to sleep in boxes and look for a shelter in which they will feel safe on a daily basis.

Horizontal scratchers

The horizontal scratching post is a very important element of the cat’s layette. It allows you to sharpen claws and stretch in a way that is not possible with posts and vertical scratchers. Increasingly, large, stable and well-profiled scratchers are available, which are also very effective for cats as bedding.

Cat bedding – which one is worth choosing?

Which of the above-mentioned beds should you choose? First of all, it is not worth limiting yourself to just one option. Cats like lounging in various places, so it is worth providing them with comfortable and soft bedding where they rest most often. It’s a good idea to provide your cat with a lying area in any room it has access to.

Cat bed - which one is worth choosing?

Mounting a shelf with a place to sleep on the wall, or setting a high scratching post with a bed, will give the cat the opportunity to observe the entire room from above. In this way, we respond to the needs arising from the patrolling instinct. In places where the kitten often rests, it is good to place booths and mattresses with soft filling.

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Cat bed – what if there are more cats?

A place to sleep is a resource, so in case there is more than one cat in the house, we cannot limit ourselves to one lair. This can cause arguments and conflicts. As in the case of litter boxes, it is good to follow a simple equation: the number of cats in the house + 1. So – if there are two cats living in our house, it is best to have three lairs.

There are currently many models of cat beds on the market. The question of design or size is therefore completely free. Observe your cat and, based on his preferences, choose the bedding that best meets his needs.

Cat bed - what if there are more cats?

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