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How many cats sleep? This you must know!

Sleep is an essential part of human life – the same goes for other animals. However, not everyone wonders how many cats sleep and how long this activity should actually take. Meanwhile, a cat’s deep sleep of the right length is able to regenerate it.

A cat’s dream is fascinating for many people. On the one hand, cats sleep relatively much, on the other – they wake up at night and do not let their guardian rest. In fact, how long do cats sleep? What determines the length of sleep, but also its quality? What are his patterns? You can learn all of this in the article.

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Did you know that a cat’s dream depends on atavism?

Did you know that a cat’s dream is largely dependent on the natural instincts of these animals? Dogs have been domesticated and got used to living with humans. Many breeds have lost their natural instincts, such as hunting or guarding. It is different with cats. They still remain predators who appreciate not only activity, but also need some activities to maintain their psychophysical balance. At the same time as being a predator, cat’s sleep patterns were also preserved.

How much a cat sleeps is one question – another is how it sleeps. Unlike human feline sleep, the pattern of sleep is very different. This is largely dependent on, among other things, the fact that in nature the cat cannot simply go to bed and sleep. Although many cats, after years of living with humans, learn certain behaviors and lose their natural caution – this is especially true for indoor animals – it is not as easy as it may seem. So much of how and how much your cat sleeps is related to the life of its ancestors and being a predator.

Cat sleeping on the couch

How much does the cat sleep?

You already know why the cat’s sleep pattern is the way it is. Now check how many cats are sleeping and what is bothering them in their sleep and what is a healthy reaction.

How long do cats sleep?

Many owners wonder how much cats sleep a day, because they think that it is definitely not enough! This is especially true for those whose cats need activity and play at night. Meanwhile, an adult cat needs a minimum of 12 hours of sleep a day, although there are animals that sleep up to 16 hours. Why so much? There are many reasons for this. According to scientific research, all predators and carnivores sleep longer than ruminants or herbivores. This is the result of the digestive process, but also of the forces that are needed to obtain food. It is much easier to find grass than to hunt game!

How long do elderly cats sleep? Here, the duration of sleep is a bit longer, which is simply due to the greater regenerative needs of the body. A cat at this age does not develop its organism anymore and usually does not learn new things, but has a quiet retired life. Often times, she even partially resigns from playing or restricts the portions of food. And at the same time, it is able to sleep up to 20 hours a day! In his body, the regeneration and digestion process is slower, so the cat measures its strength – completely instinctively.

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What gives your cat sleep?

Sleep is important to an adult cat for many reasons. In nature, animals sleep to regenerate. They must have a lot of strength to fight for territory or hunt game. It’s not much different at home. For this reason, it is so important to ensure your cat goes through the hunting cycle. In this way, the animal will not only have all its needs met, but also regenerate as if it had been after a hunt. And this is very important in the case of a cat.

Sleep is important for other reasons as well. Research studies show that your cat is able to reduce the level of cortisol in the body while it sleeps. Safe sleeping conditions make the cat feel much less stressed, which also translates into a better overall well-being. It is worth remembering that cats – contrary to popular belief – are very sensitive animals. In their case, long-term stress is difficult to reduce, and it can even affect the development of chronic diseases.

What are the cat’s favorite sleeping positions?

First of all – depending on the circumstances. Cats love small shelters – boxes, but also booths or other such spaces. They feel safe there, especially when they can additionally observe the surroundings from a certain height.

In nature, cats choose a safe place to sleep. This means that they must be invisible to the environment, but also keep an eye on them. They cannot expose themselves to the sight of other predators or their potential attack, because it would mean a large loss of energy. They also try to remain invisible to other animals, in case the game approaches its place by itself. It is no different at home.

For this reason, cats are eager to choose high places. However, each cat has its own natural preferences. If you do not know exactly where your pet likes to sleep, invest in a few different lairs. Choose an open one, placed e.g. on a sofa, but also a booth connected to a tall scratching post or a lair placed on top of the furniture, with a safe access. Let there be various textures – cats love soft things. Also, make sure that at least one lair is in a sunny place, preferably with a view out of the window.

Cat sleeping on the radiator

What do cat sleep disturbances mean?

If the cat sleeps for a very long time or, on the contrary, for a very short time, it may be a sign of sleep disturbance. They very rarely occur as a disease in itself. Rather, they are a symptom of some sort of problem, usually behavioral. For this reason, it is very important that you watch your purr and see a veterinarian in the event of worrying symptoms or prolonged problems. After health reasons have been ruled out, it will be time to consult your feline behaviorist.

Why does the cat tremble while sleeping?

Surely you’ve seen a cat tremble and move while sleeping more than once. These are sudden, small movements rather than jogging and tail wagging, as is the case with dogs. There are at least two theories as to why this is so. The first is that cats just… dream. This is at least suggested by brain wave research. What is your cat dreaming about? It’s hard to say until he himself tells you. According to analyzes of the work of the brain, the cat dreams of everyday life. It could also explain how many cats sleep.

The second theory of jerky movements in sleep is conditioning neurological reflexes. In this theory, the REM phase is supposed to promote brain development as well as the consolidation of reflexes that are biologically important for your cat.. This theory is still being analyzed, so it is difficult to say how much it actually covers.

Sleeping ginger cat

The domestic cat and the free-living cat – differences in sleep

You already know how much a domestic cat sleeps – what about a free-living one? Contrary to appearances, they are well noticeable in different ways. In the case of such cats, any loss of energy is a potential threat to health and life. A cat never knows when it will be fighting for territory, food, or running away from the dog that will save its life. Such cats do not sleep longer than 12 hours a day, under favorable circumstances.

If the cat finds a safe place, it can extend its sleep time – as long as it is sure that it is safe. In addition, he chooses the place with great vigilance. It must be located so that the least possible hazards are present around. For this reason, free-living cats often enter, for example, cellars or farm buildings, as well as behind piles of wood and other things stored in the yard. All this to find a safe haven.

How much do little kittens sleep?

You already know how long adult and older cats sleep. Also check how many little kittens sleep, which – in theory – spend a lot more time being active. are this is in reality?

How long do kittens sleep?

This may come as a surprise, but small cats sleep up to 20 hours a day. Why is this surprising caregivers? Because it seems that kittens are very active, and therefore – they sleep much less than adult cats. Sometimes it does, but if it becomes the norm, it is worth taking care of the proper quality of sleep and restoring its proper length.

Do cats meow while they sleep?

Kittens dream much more often than adult animals, so it might seem that they also make sounds. Especially since it is communication with their help that is the basis of communication with the environment – human, mother, but also siblings. Unlike dogs, however, cats do not make any sounds when they sleep, except maybe for the munching action that happens with kittens. This is the effect of milk particles that still remain around the mouth. It is also a remnant of the natural suckling reflex for mammals.

The ginger cat is sleeping

How to take care of your kitten’s healthy sleep?

You know how much cats sleep, but in order for a kitten’s sleep to be a real chance for development, it must be of the right quality. Make sure that your kitten has at its disposal lairs with different properties, located in various places. For this you should also take care of the movement of your purring mentee. What does it mean? Make sure your pet gets the right amount of activity throughout the day. By satisfying the hunting chain, you can make your cat simply tired, both mentally and physically. This way you will be happy to take a nap.

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Why are kittens active at night when people are asleep?

It is also a legacy of atavism. How much kittens sleep seems to be inconsistent with the norms, as they often wake people up during the night’s sleep. Why? Cats are predators. Consequently, they behave like them, that is, they hunt at night. They have a perfectly developed sense of sight and night vision function. This in turn translates into great ease of movement in the dark. For this reason, if a cat wants to play, it usually does so at night. His body tells him naturally that this is the right time to be active.

Fortunately, you can change that though. It is enough to take care of changing the pattern of behavior. This way, your cat will sleep at roughly the same hours as you!

To history!

Cats have a very different sleep pattern than humans. What is this about? First of all, a person sleeps all night long, and then he is active the rest of the hours. The cat adapted to the possibility of falling asleep in any reasonably safe circumstances. At the same time, he sleeps in alternating phases: napping and deep sleep. A nap can last up to an hour, and deep sleep – a maximum of 5-15 minutes. It all depends on the cat’s surroundings.

How many cats sleep - owner quote

You already know how many cats sleep during the day and why this dream is so important to them. Remember that cats, unlike dogs, have not lost their natural instincts so much. They are still predators, which makes them sleep more strongly during the day and it’s time to be active at night. When you understand the rules governing a cat’s dream, it will also be easier for you to understand the habits of your pets.

Scientists are constantly discovering how long cats sleep and what they dream about. Many studies point to newer and newer discoveries, for example related to the regulation of neurological reflexes or other complicated terms. It cannot be concealed, however, that sleep is as important for a cat as it is for a human, but it should have much more of it. Do you have any interesting facts about cat’s sleep? Or maybe some personal stories related to your purr? Share them in the comment below the text! Looking for cat food or accessories for your meowing pet? We invite you to our Apetete store!

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