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Volunteer at the park, this Paduan knows how to make dogs happy (Video)

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The pensioner’s nice gesture makes all the dogs of Padua happy.

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When you love animals you would do anything to see them happy. A cheerful wagging tail warms our hearts and we would like all dogs in the world to be loved and treated properly!

A Padova there is a angelo in land that brings joy and good mood to all dogs walking in the park of the neighborhood. His story deserves to be known to the whole world.

The cookie man

Dino Bellato it’s a retired of Padua who has decided to lend a hand to the community by working as volunteer to the City Arena Gardens.

But that’s not all: Dino is best known for being the “cookie man”: every day, the man goes to work with pockets full of dog treats to be distributed to all the four-legged friends of the neighborhood who stroll happily with their humans.

The love of dogs

Interviewed by Leander Barsotti per The morning from Padua, Dino tells how his love for dogs was born eleven years earlier:

“They brought me a little dog home. At first I didn’t want it, but then I fell in love with it».

Now Dino loves them all, all those who pass by him every day and who keep him company and give him a smile during his hours of volunteering.

«Enough now, I have other puppies to give biscuits to, I don’t have only you», he says with the sweetness of a grandfather to a little dog that stares at him still waiting to eat.

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Bravo Dino, this world needs angels like you! Don’t miss the video interview made by Morning of Padua!

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