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This Cat Transforms Into A Gorgeous Tom After Having 1.5 Kilograms Of Matted Fur Removed

Mattieof his small name, is a ginger cat who lived in the streets ofHanoverin the state of Pennsylvania to United States.

The lack of care and grooming caused damage to his coat. He was carrying a burden of tangled hair weighing over 1.5 kilograms which prevented him from moving easily.

Fortunately, a resident contacted the association SPCA of the county of York for her to help him.

“The mats were so big and heavy that it was hard to see where his real body was”said the Dr Weekesmedical director of the shelter, at Love Meow.

Special attention

Mattie was frightened, but did not show any aggressive behavior towards his rescuers. The team of veterinarians was therefore able to easily shave his fur. In a few hours, the tomcat had regained a feline look.

Furthermore, caregivers discovered that Mattie suffered from diabetes. He therefore receives daily adequate treatment to regulate his blood sugar level.

His new physical condition allowed him to better adapt to his environment. The volunteers of the association gave him all their support in this change of life.

“They offered affection when he showed interest and gave him space when he needed it” clarified the Dr Weekes.

The hairs of Mattie quickly grew back, revealing its lion fur. After 2 months of convalescence, the tomcat was ready to be adopted.

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This is Chandler Scullveterinary technician and vice-president of an animal shelter in Pittsburgh, who offered to provide him with a loving home.

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“Something drew me to him, and I knew in my gut that he was my cat”said the man saddened by the recent loss of his tomcat also suffering from diabetes.

Mattie has therefore moved into its new quarters with a loving and caring owner who has perfect control over the management of his health problems.

He blossoms fully and brings a lot of happiness to Chandler, who, thanks to him, was able to mourn.