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Couple adopts dog but returns an hour later. The reason leaves the volunteers stunned


Ilenia Colombo

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A French couple has adopted a dog from the association Mustaches and Company.

Shortly thereafter, the two boys returned to the shelter… but for good reason!


Ringo e Ramzo they didn’t have an easy start in life. The two puppies were found abandoned in a dumpster along with their six siblings.

Of the litter of eight puppies, only six survived. And while all the other little guys found homes pretty quickly, Ringo and Ramzo weren’t so lucky: nobody wanted them.

Meanwhile, Melody and Pierre were looking for a dog to keep their pet adopted from a shelter two years earlier company. Pixel he was a friendly and sociable dog, so the couple decided to adopt another one.

Ringo is adopted

On the internet, on the shelter’s website Mustaches and Company, they saw little Ringo and fell in love with it at first sight. They decided he was definitely the dog for them and after contacting the shelter, they went to get him.

When they got to the place, they saw Ringo snuggled up to his brother. The dogs were inseparable. They also figured out why Razmo hadn’t found a home. The dog has an inoperable congenital cataract. Because of this, no one wanted to adopt him.

Double adoption!

Ringo had his chance, but his departure from the shelter was bittersweet. On the one hand, he was getting a new home, but on the other, he had to part ways with his brother, who would most likely stay at the shelter forever…

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The two left, but an hour later the shelter phone rang. It was Melody asking if they could also take Razmo!

A nice couple adoption for two inseparable little brothers!

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