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Carpet for cats: which is the best?

Discovering the best cat mat.

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There are those who don’t like having litter grains between their paws, and those who only sleep on the radiator. Our felines are unique, and even a little fussy. The cat carpet it is therefore there to serve them!

A carpet placed at the exit of the litter box is useful for keeping the house clean as it prevents the splashes and dust from the litter from sticking to the underside of the pads of the cat’s paws and spreading throughout the house.

The heated mat, on the other hand, is a must. Natural or electric, fleece or flannel, easy to clean, it brings invaluable comfort to your little friend. Even the cooling carpet for the summer cannot be missing from the accessories of our favorite moustached.

Place the cat mat in front of the window and listen to your cat purr with delight as he gazes at the view!

What is a cat rug?

Even cats have the right to their carpet: decorative or utilitarian, hygienic or comfortable, it is the accessory of the moment!

A cat mat is an accessory that can be placed directly on the floor, furniture or in the car. Depending on its use, it can be made of plastic or fabric. It is usually available in different sizes and is designed to keep your pet warm, through an insulating layer or an electrical resistance.

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Why buy a cat rug?

There are many reasons to buy this accessory! You can buy a cat mat to put under the bowl to avoid splashes or crumbs on the tiles or floor.

And cat litter mat it will be very useful to prevent your pet from spreading litter throughout the house. That’s because the textured surface is designed to trap any particles that might get stuck under your cat’s paws.

The pile mats they are used as a comfortable bed: they are soft and fluffy, for exceptional comfort. They can be placed on a sofa, chair or at the end of the bed to keep hair out.

Finally, some heating mats they keep colder specimens warm and are usually lightweight and space-saving, so they’re perfect for travelling.

What is a cat rug for?

The cat mat can have several uses:

  • It can be used to protect the floor and keep the house clean: it’s the cat mat under the bowl or in front of the litter box.
  • It can be used as a bed or simply as a place to rest or observe: it is the cat mat to be placed in front of the window, in a basket or on the sofa.
  • The heating mat is particularly suitable for keeping fragile animals such as young kittens, sick or very old cats warm. Heat is an effective natural treatment for arthritis. An orphaned kitten will be soothed by the warmth of the cloth, which will remind him of his mother’s warmth.

What are the different types of cat mats?

Among the carpets for cats, there are also self-heating or electric heating ones.
The former have an internal core made of special insulating fibers that store body heat and release it slowly. The latter, on the other hand, are more effective, but attention must be paid to safety. Make sure your cat (especially if it’s a puppy) doesn’t bite the electric cable.

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And if the specimen is a real rascal, you also need to make sure it doesn’t attack the inner layer, which contains an electric heating element. The device should be thermostatically controlled so that it doesn’t get too hot, which could lead to burns. Always connect it to one grounded socket.

How to clean a cat carpet?

It all depends on the material. A PVC carpet can be cleaned with a sponge or vacuum cleaner, others are made with removable and machine washable fabric. You can also regularly vacuum the hairs with a vacuum cleaner and let them air out for a few minutes by hanging them in the window.

Electric cat mats can’t be put in water, of course, but they come with a cover that can be machine washed. These accessories are easy to clean and very popular with our little cats. It would be a shame to be without!