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English Bulldog fights for life after being bitten by an unknown animal in a park

This walk in the city park ended really badly for Breezy. He was bitten by a poisonous spider or snake that has not yet been identified. His mistress became very worried. And for good reason, his beloved doggie was close to death.

Millie Batten23 years old, lives in Surrey in England with his faithful 4-legged companion named Breezy. The one-year-old English Bulldog makes its owner happy and is full of joie de vivre.

On July 16, 2022, the duo went for a walk in the city park. A place that is particularly fond of Millie et Breezy for its green spaces.

Suddenly the dog cried in pain. The young woman thought he had been bitten by an insect and went home.

Millie Batten – SWNS

A round trip to the animal clinic

The next morning, Breezy was lethargic and his neck was very swollen. Without waiting, his caring owner drove him to the vet who told him it was no big deal.

The man prescribed him antibiotics to prevent infection.

However, 2 days later, the canine’s state of health had worsened. The swelling had spread to his chin, chest and entire lower body. Breezy.

“It all happened so fast, we didn’t even have time to process it”said a nurse at NewsWeek.

Millie Batten – SWNS

The veterinarian punctured the pus that had accumulated around the wound and throughout the canine’s small body.

“After 3 incisions, Breezy had to be sent to the doctor urgently for a life-saving operation”has explained Millie.

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Otherwise, Breezy received an injection of fresh frozen plasma which helped fight the infection and help the blood to clot. “The surgeon removed the dead skin then cleaned and dressed Breezy’s wounds. All this after inserting a feeding tube into him to keep him alive.”said his mistress.

2 days after the intervention, Breezy finally showing signs of improvement. According to the veterinarian, the animal may have contracted a flesh-eating bacterial infection, probably due to a spider or snake bite.

Millie is very caring for his beloved dog who should now be recovering from his terrible experience.

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