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how to freshen dog’s breath

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(how to freshen dog’s breath)

We all know bad dog’s breath when we smell one. Bad breath can be a consigne to many pet owners who want to love on their hairy bodies. But they can’t withstand the smell of their unpleasant breath. The development of bad, odor-causing germs in your dog’s mouth. Or stomach can be cured at either the veterinarian or a dog dentist’s clinic.

but, before you set off to see a pet doctor. You should try applying these nine natural methods to disinfect any bad odor. A  home treatment that could help stop your dog’s horrible breath. In its tracks and leave him a nice smelling fresh breath and ready for a lot of kisses from Its owner!


Causes of bad breath

(how to freshen dog’s breath)

Most pet owners are inclined to take bad dog breath as seriously as“ normal dog breath.” But there is usually a very strong reason behind the bad smell.

these are what causes most of your dog’s bad breathe

Treating bad dog breath

  1. Carrots

(how to freshen dog’s breath)

As time may pass by our dog’s teeth can build up a very bad amount of plaque and coating. While normal cleaning of your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush or you should go visit a  dog dentist. He can also help in resolving this problem, not every dog owner is aware of such actions.

offering your dog a, carrot to eat can also be used as a  natural and healthy alternative in cleaning your dog’s teeth. And helps scrape off a particle of food and also take out the nasty-smelling germs. In addition to this, your dog will get a healthy treat!


  1. Coconut Oil

(how to freshen dog’s breath)

Coconut oil This oil carries medicated germ-killing, and antifungal agent possessions which all aids in reducing the germs in your dog’s mouth. A bacteria that is build-up could result in issues such as periodontal and kidney disease. Both of these decease has been linked to poor healthy dog’s breath.

But, by just adding a spoon full of the oil to your dog’s meal you can help stop these germs. And give your dog’s mouth a whole new refreshing breath, and taking away the stinking smell in your dog’s mouth. This oil can also serve as a natural toothpaste for cleaning your dog’s teeth!

  1. Lemon

(how to freshen dog’s breath)

As it was said before, germs found in your dog’s mouth eventually leads to bad breath. As well as other health issues for your dog.  But fortunately for you, the high amount of acid found in citrus fruits can help in fighting off this bacteria It also serves as a natural deodorizer as well.

How to use: You can simply just add a few drops of lemon juice to the water bowl. You use in brushing your dog’s teeth. you can simply help fight off this bacteria and give your dog some fresh breath scent. It’s very simple but effective!

  1. Mint


If your dog’s mouth odor is caused by hyperacidity or germs found in his gut. Mint might be the best solution to go with. This herb has been proven to be a better method and it helps in proper and healthy digestion. And so to the stomach in case of swelling which will definitely stop the stomach acid from getting into the mouth.

And causing a very unpleasant smell in your dog’s breath. Mint, as well as other herbs and plants, also carry the green pigment known as chlorophyll. Which has a natural ability in healing and can also help in promoting proper digestion. You should also add some fresh mints to your dog’s food.

When he is having breakfast every morning and night. When he is also having dinner and looks forward to minty-fresh dog breath!

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

You should add just a tsp of apple wassail vinegar to your dog’s water bowl. You should also give him an easy and effective way to stretch up a better breath. Apple cider vinegar contains a high concentration of bitterness and acetic acid which helps in fighting off this bacteria that causes mouth odor.

It also holds a rich blend of minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. All of which are very important in holding up the general health of your dog’s mouth. Many dogs also enjoy the sharp flavored taste!

  1. Yogurt

Hydrogen sulfide and is one of the few sulfur compounds that contain germs. And passes them right into your dog’s mouth. It is also in charge of what many believe to be the “decomposed egg smell. That brings about unpleasant breath in your dog’s mouth. Yogurt also serves as an antidote to this type of microorganisms.

And can actually reduce proton when you feed your dog two times a day. You can mix the yogurt into your dog’s food both morning and night you can simply help fight off the stinking. Decomposed egg” smell caused by germs. And again, yogurt is high in calcium which is great for building stronger teeth and a healthier mouth!

  1. Probiotics

In regards to the fact that harmful germs are accountable for most of the bad breath. You will want to make sure that natural, anti-bacteria are also present in your dog’s mouth. Probiotics are actually life microorganisms that give a wide range of health profit. When eaten up and can also help stop unpleasant dog breath.

The good microorganisms from the probiotics will kill any form of bad odor and leave your dog’s mouth clean and smell nice and looking more stronger and healthier. Just make sure you get a particular brand to canines in any pet store near you.

Nobody will want to be around a dog that has bad breath. You may want to cuddle up with your dog but you can’t due to his bad breath, but with these home treatments, you can be rest assured knowing that your dog’s breath will no longer be a problem to you. So curl up, pucker up, and let the kisses commence!

  8. Cinnamon

(how to freshen dog’s breath)

Here’s one method you might not know about or even heard about. The Good old-fashioned cinnamon is a very easy and natural trick for changing your dog’s dried-out, bad breath. Not only will cinnamon help break up hidden particles of little foods, but it can also stop the growth of germs in between your dog’s teeth.

The fastest method to absorb cinnamon in your dog’s diet is to add a few or sprinkles a little part of it in their food bowl. Always cross-check what type of cinnamon you’re buying for your dog—not all varieties are safe for your pet to use.

9. Bones

Most of all dog owners know this method, but just in case you don’t get the memo. Note: bones are amazing for your dog’s dental health. They rake-off plaque, lead to whiten your dog’s teeth and help maintain healthy gums. Just make sure to choose the perfect bone for your dog.

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