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Bride cheats on husband during first dance: stunned guests (Video)

The groom was literally pushed aside!

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Anna Paola Bellini

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A US woman she stunned the crowd of guests at her wedding by engaging in a very special dance.

The bride, dressed in white, danced together with her usual dance partner, thus putting her husband aside. The video is already viral.


Dancefloor pronto for the two protagonists, suitable lights, some tables in the distance, Footloose by Kenny Loggins in the background and Sara Carson and his dog can start the magic.

The woman, dog trainer 24 years old has become famous in all United States after participating in the program America’s Got Talent with his faithful companion. The dog had no problem standing on two legs, barking to the music and circling alongside his human partner. He has also tried his hand at some fun stunts.

La dog dance

Dog dancing may seem funny, but in reality dog ​​dancing is a real sport that was born in the 80s.

Fido, together with his master, will have to perform the steps in perfect harmony with his human or interact with him just like in the video of this special bride! Don’t miss it!

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