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Why does the dog get in the way when we hug?

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Because the dog gets in the way when we hug? Why does Fido kiss me? Is he just trying to get attention or is this a warning sign?

Today we enter the world of the most common canine “whys”. In this article, in fact, we try to explain the reasons for some common behaviors in our faithful four-legged friends.

Why does the dog get in the way when we hug?

A friend who comes to visit us, meeting up in the evening with her or her partner… How many hugs on the doorstep do we happen to exchange? In these moments of all-human affection, sometimes Fido would really like to put his face (and paws!).

But why does the dog get in the way when we hug? Is it a warning sign of some behavioral disorder or a simple momentum of shared love?

Indeed, we often tend to underestimate this attitude which can, in some cases, hide more complex reasons.

1. Matter of territory!

Some specimens are particularly “jealous” and territorial. Certain breeds, in fact, have an extremely possessive approach to their master and can therefore feel pushed to place themselves between their master and the person they are embracing to impose their presence.

In a certain sense, the animal wants to communicate its will to decide and be part of its master’s social relations. Such behavior, however, if repeated over time, could create serious problems for your human.

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2. The reasons you don’t expect

If it is true that in some cases Fido simply wants to feel equally involved in this cuddle, there are other answers to why the dog gets in the way when we hug.

This gesture may also want to be the sign of a real need. The animal may feel neglected and therefore tries in every way to get the attention of its master and at the same time take advantage of the physical contact it misses.

What to do if Fido needs hugs?

If this attitude persists and becomes insistent and annoying, the first thing you need to find out is the reason. Seeing a vet or trainer can be helpful if Fido becomes particularly intrusive.

The expert will be able to find the reasons for this behavior and consequently give his advice on how to remedy the situation.

Why does the dog kiss me?

When Fido licks us, this behavior is automatically associated with love and affection, but the fact that a kiss between two people is a sign of an intimate relationship does not necessarily mean the same thing in the behavior dogs have towards people.

The reasons why Fido kisses can be different. Let’s see in detail.

1. A matter of instinct

When a puppy is born, the mother begins to lick it to clean it and stimulate the proper development of its body. So from an early age, the animal associates licking with deep attention, which is why dogs use their mouths to explore their surroundings: they bite, nibble and lick new things around them. Furthermore, this gesture is also used to communicate with other dogs.

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This behavior is part of the body language of the animal which will also tend to implement it with people.

Some experts believe that licking is linked to canine descent from wolves: when these go hunting and return to their puppies with pieces of raw meat, the newborns, not yet able to bite and chew, lick the meat from the mother’s mouth . Studies show that the habit of licking has been passed on in the DNA, so dogs inherit it.

2. Sign of affection

Fido kisses us to tell us that he loves us and is happy to see us. Dogs show their love by licking their beloved humans. If they can’t reach their face, they may lick their hands, arms or feet, any available part of the skin. For dogs, lick release endorphinswhich means it makes them happy.

Furthermore, as is known, our four-legged friends are able to perceive feelings and moods. If you are sad or upset, your dog may start kissing you to reduce your stress level and cheer you up.

3. Behavioral disorders

Obsessive licking can show a sign of health problems. It’s about a rare conditionbut it could occur if the dog suffers from prolonged stress or untreated anxiety.

If you suspect that Fido has developed a compulsive habit of licking you very often, he may need medical treatment. Contact your veterinarian who will prescribe the necessary medications and advise on the necessary training.