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Who is Loser, the cat from Meet My Parents (Video)


Himalayan cat, the nerd’s breed.

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I present mine it’s a cult comedy of the 2000s with protagonists Ben Stilleras Greg Fotter, and Robert De Niroas future father-in-law Jack.

Italia 1 brings back this block buster in prime time on November 24, 2022 and we can’t wait to see the Nerd Cat in action again!

Who is Wimpy?

Loser it is Jack’s big cat (Robert DeNiro). Of Himalayan breed, this big cat with eyes bluer than the sky and thick and soft fur is almost considered as a King in the house by his human father to the point of being considered in judging future son-in-law Greg (Ben Stiller).

The intelligence from Mr. Jinx (this is the name of the Loser in the American version) is nothing short of unique: it is capable of doing the needs in the toilet and even flushing the toilet. Not to mention the fact that he can also say “hello” on command by raising his paw.

Le scene cult

It cannot be said that Loser has a marginal role in the comedy and its sequels: every action of Jack’s future son-in-law, in fact, it seems to be always made more difficult by this mischievous cat: from when Greg had to watch him and he thinks well of disappearing to when the poor son-in-law drops the vase with the family ashes with the cork of the sparkling wine and Nerd thinks well of making his new litter box with it, all Nerd’s actions seem done on purpose to complicate Greg’s life!

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Surely between the two that loser is only one!

a true star

Loser immediately became a star: his clips have been circulating on the web since the 2000s and many memes were born thanks to his pranks. The g-actor, which is actually called Mishkashared the set with others due controfigure.

Little curiosity: it seems that Robert De Niro is so fond of this cat that he wants it more present than was initially expected in the scenes of the sequels.

A film not to be missed!

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