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While looking for her missing cat, she discovers a dire situation

When Ms. Zhang, who lives in China, realized that someone had stolen her beloved Gatto Mantou, she immediately turned to the police. However, the latter ignored the woman’s requests for help in finding the feline.

Therefore the search was feasible, because the prudent owner had installed a GPS on the pet’s collar, which helps to locate personal items and pets.

Independent investigation

Desperate, the woman decided to go looking for her British Shorthair on her own. It turned out that it had been transported to more than 1,600 km from home.

By then, Zhang already knew that most likely a group of people were behind his abduction who stole the animals and took them to Chinesewhere they are eaten.

Terrified, she decided to take a radical step. She bought a plane ticket and, along the way, enlisted the help of all kinds of animal-loving groups.

The response on social media was widespread and there was one person who picked her up at the airport and took her to a risky expedition in search of the kidnappers of his cat.

A truck full of cats

After three hours of driving, it was possible to find out where the cat was kept. There were many on the truck where he was staying. Luckily, the animal was fine. The fact that its tracking device AirTag it was not discovered it was a miracle.

Ms. Zhang thinks this is because the cat is quite fluffy and dark, so theAirTag black was not visible among the fur.

Volunteers from animal welfare organizations who traveled to the scene with Ms. Zhang collected all the cats and gave them temporary shelter while they searched for their owners.

Unfortunately it was not possible to save all specimens. It is probable that some cages had already been taken from the truck.

It is estimated that every year in China they are killed without a trace, for the meat trade, 10 million cats and dogs.

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