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What to keep in mind in December if you have a dog?

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L’Winter is coming! Many four-legged friends get along very well with the cold season and are happy with the beautiful sides that winter brings: walks and frolicking in the snow on the one hand and pleasant and cuddly evenings on the other.

But that’s not the case for all dogs! That’s why we have prepared a list of advice for owners of four-legged friends.

What to watch out for in December?

Advent and Christmas can actually be a challenge for dog owners, especially if you have a young and adventurous four-legged friend.

But don’t worry: if you follow some important ones precautionary measuresnothing can go wrong and you can enjoy this special moment together with Fido.

Protect Fido from the cold

Dogs can catch colds too, especially in cold and wet winter weather and should therefore be protected from the cold.

It’s better to take a shorter, more frequent walk than to take a huge ride. Dry your dog off when you return, and if needed, dog clothing can come in handy, especially for older or ill furry pets.

Street salt

In winter, salt is spread on the road to prevent slipperiness. But this can be a danger to the dog’s paws because the pads can be damaged. Also, by licking their paws, they could eat salt.

So be careful where you take Fido to walk.

Ice between the paws

Long-haired dogs in particular suffer from the annoying lumps on the paw pads that form in the snow. You can prevent this problem by trimming the hair between your toes and scrubbing the skin with buttermilk or petroleum jelly.

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Another option is the dog shoesso sensitive paws will not only be protected from snow and ice, but also from road salt.

After the walk, it is best to rinse the dog’s paws.

Winter plants

If the dog ingests a fallen mistletoe or a part of the poinsettia, it risks serious symptoms of poisoning such as diarrhea and severe cramps.

If you can’t replace them with fake plants, you should at least place them out of pet’s reach or at a safe height.

Winter depression

Dogs in winter may be less active than usual and need more sleep than in summer, but this is quite normal.

However, if you notice that Fido is too tired and listless, you should consult a vet and clarify the symptoms.

December foods: what to put in Fido’s bowl?

At Christmas we have to be very careful about foods that are poisonous for our four-legged friends, which are often found on our tables.

Not everything that is good for humans is also good for dogs! Among foods to keep away there are:

Let’s see some of them in detail.


Garlic contains a substance that is poisonous to dogs and even fatal in large doses. Vomiting and diarrhea are the most common symptoms, and cardiovascular and respiratory problems are serious signs.

The consequences of poisoning are also expressed in cramps, disorientation and light-colored mucous membranes.


Onions contain sulfur compounds that are toxic to your dog and can even be fatal.

Symptoms of poisoning in this case are fatigue, impaired coordination, pale mucous membranes and profuse salivation. Stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and difficulty breathing also occur most often.

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Chocolate contains various substances that are not good for animals. In addition to sugar and milk, theobromine can lead to poisoning.

The degree of poisoning depends on the one hand on the size, weight and age of the dog and on the other hand on the amount ingested. The more cocoa there is in a chocolate, the higher its theobromine content. Dark chocolate is therefore particularly dangerous.


Avocados contain the toxin persin, which can cause severe symptoms of poisoning, as well as having too high a fat content.

If your dog has eaten an avocado, symptoms such as shortness of breath, cramps, high pulse, diarrhea, coughing and vomiting, as well as general weakness, disorientation and malaise usually occur within 24 hours.


The harmful thing about cinnamon is the coumarin it contains. This natural aromatic substance, which gives cinnamon its spicy smell, can cause serious liver problems in dogs, even in small amounts.

Furthermore, consumption is carcinogenic in the long term.

The dangers of Christmas

During the Christmas season it is common practice to light candlesSo be careful to keep them out of Fido’s reach.

Not to mention the decorations of theChristmas tree; if the tree balls were to fall they could be within Fido’s reach. So be careful not to choose glass decorations that could injure the animal.

Also prevent the dog from licking thewater that you use to water the tree and try to pay attention to the fairy lights which, if placed in the mouth, could shock your pet.

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In this period, it is also not uncommon to hear fireworks barrelsand not just on the night of December 31st. Try to get your four-legged friend used to loud noises in time and find him a place in the house where he feels safe and protected by your caresses.

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